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  HUANG Qunying
Department: Insititute of Nuclear Energy Safety technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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350 Shushanhu Road Hefei 230031, Anhui, P. R. China
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Research Profile

unying HUANG, Professor, working at the Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. She gained the B.E., M.E. and Ph.D from Xi'an Jiaotong University and Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, respectively, majoring in nuclear reactor engineering and safety. She ever worked in the University of Tokyo as a guest professor and at Culham Science Center in England as a senior scientist. And she ever worked in the National Institute of Fusion Science (NIFS) and Hokkaido University in Japan as a visiting scholar. She was awarded the title of “Excellent Woman” by Anhui Province and “Excellent Researcher” by the Institute of Plasma Physics.She is one of the members for ITER Test Blanket Working Group, for the 13rd International Fusion Reactor Materials Program Committee, and for Monte Carlo Method Committee of China Calculation Physics Association. She is in experts list of “863” Hi-Tech Research and Development Program of China, one of the professors in the University of Science and Technology (USTC), and the special reviewer for Journals of Chinese Physics Letters and Computational Physics.Her main interests are in the fields of fusion reactor blanket design, optimization and related R&D, development and research on advanced calculation methods for reactor physics and shield etc..She won the 3rd Prize of Progress of Science and Technology awarded by the Nation, the 1st Prizes of Progress of Science and Technology awarded by the State Education Commission of China, the 1st Prizes of Progress of Natural Science awarded by the Science and Technology Department of Anhui Province etc.. She is the most important person who is responsible for the invention and R&D on China Low Activation Martensitic steel (CLAM). One software designed and developed by her is widely used in the physical design and analysis of LWRs such as used in the Daya Bay Power Station, the Qinshan Power Station and the 1st Nuclear Power Institute etc..She is responsible for some projects supported by National Natural Scientific Foundation and the Knowledge Innovation Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences etc..About 100 papers have been published, several patents have been submitted and approved.
Selected Publications
1) Status and improvement of CLAM for nuclear application , Nuclear Fusion , 2017 , 57
2) Development strategy and conceptual design of China Lead-based Research Reactor , Annals of Nuclear Energy , 2016 , 87
3) Small Specimen Test Techniques Applied to Evaluate the Mechanical Properties of CLAM Steel , Journal of Fusion Energy , 2015 , 34
4) Facilities, testing program and modeling needs for studying liquid metal magnetohydrodynamic flows in fusion blankets , Fusion Engineering and Design , 2015 , 100
5) Development status of CLAM steel for fusion application , Journal of Nuclear Materials , 2014 , 445
6) Comparison of corrosion behavior of EUROFER and CLAM steels in flowing Pb–15.7Li , Journal of Nuclear Materials , 2014 , 445
7) Recent progress of R&D activities on reduced activation ferritic_martensitic steels , Journal of Nuclear Materials , 2013 , 442
8) Mechanical properties and microstructure evolution of CLAM Steel in tube fabrication and test blanket module assembly , Journal of Nuclear Materials , 2013 , 442
9) Effect of strain rate on the mechanical properties of CLAM steel in liquid PbLi eutectic , Fusion Engineering and Design , 2013 , 88
10) Preliminary study of HDA coating on CLAM steel followed by high temperature oxidation , Journal of Nuclear Materials , 2013 , 442
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Master Admissions 
a Nuclear Science and Engineering 
b Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials
Doctor Admissions
a Nuclear Science and Engineering 
b Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials
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