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  CHEN Xiaofei
Department: School of Earth and Space Science, USTC
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96 Jinzhai Road, Hefei, 230026, CHINA
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Research Profile

CHEN Xiaofei, Professor of Geophysics at School of Earth and Space Sciences, USTC; Dinstuished Professor of Changjiang Scholar Program of the Ministry of Education; elected Fellow of IUGG(2015); elected Member of Chinese Academy of Sicence (2015). BS.(1982),University of Science and Technology of China; MS.(1985),Institute of Geophysics of China Earthquake Administration,China; PhD.(1991),University of Southern California,USA. He was with Peking University as a Professor in the Department of Geophysics during 1996-2008. He had been Director of Division Solid Geophysics, Chair of Department of Geophysics, deputy dean of the School of Earth and Space Sciences during 1996-2008 in Peking University. He was awarded by the National Natural Science Fundation for Distinguished Young Scientists in 1996,and the Earth Science Award by Ho Leung Ho Lee Fundation in 2009. He was elected as Vice President of the China Seismological Society in 2011, and Vice President of the Chinese Geophysical Society in 2012. Currently, he is an Editor of Geophysical Journal International, Assocaite Editor in-Chief of Earthquake Science. His main research interests are computational seismology and applications in Earth Structure Imaging and Seismic Hazard Mitigation. He had published more than 120 scientific research papers.
Selected Publications
1) Three dimensional curved grid finite-difference modelling for non-planar rupture dynamics , Geophysical Journal International , 2014 , 2014,199:860-879
2) Induced electromagnetic field by seismic waves in Earth’s magnetic field , Journal of Geophysical Research , 2014 , 2014,119:5651-5685
3) The scale-dependent slip pattern for a uniform fault model obeying the rate- and state-dependent friction law , Journal of Geophysical Research , 2014 , 2014,119:4890-4906
4) Construction of equivalent single planar fault model for strike-slip step-overs , Tectonophysics , 2014 , 2014,632:244-249
5) Complex frequency-shifted multi-axial perfectly matched layer for elastic wave modelling on curvilinear grids , Geophysical Journal International , 2104 , 2014,198(1):140-153
6) Stable discontinuous grid implementation for collocated-grid finite-difference seismic wave modelling , Geophysical Journal International , 2013 , 192(3): 1179-1188
7) Preliminary Results of Strong Ground Motion Simulation for the Lushan Earthquake of 20 April 2013, China , Earthquake Science , 2013 , 2013,26(3/4):191-197
8) Numerical simulation of coseismic electromagnetic fields associated with seismic waves due to finite faulting in porous media , Geophysical Journal International , 2012 , 188(3): 925–944
9) Variations in fmax along the ruptured fault during the Mw7.9 Wenchuan earthquake f 12 May 2008 , Bulletin of Seismological Society of America , 2012 , 102(3): 991-998
10) Three-dimensional Elastic Wave Numerical Modeling in the Presence of Surface Topography by a Collocated-Grid Finite-Difference Method on Curvilinear Grids , Geophysical Journal International , 2012 , 190(1): 358-378
Recruitment information
Students who interest in geophysics and with educational background in Geophysics,Physics,or Enginerring are welcome to apply.
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