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  WANG Haihui
Department: State Key Laboratory of Fire Science
Mailing Address:
State Key Laboratory of Fire Science, University of Science and Technology of China, 443 Huangshan Rd, Hefei, Anhui, PR China
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Research Profile

    Wang Haihui, 1981-1986, undergraduate program, Dept. of Modern Physics, USTC; 1986-1989, master’s degree program, Dept. of Thermal Science and Energy Engineering, USTC; 1997-2001, Ph.D. program, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Newcastle, Australia; 1989-1997, teaching assistant, lecturer, associate professor, State Key Laboratory of Fire Science of USTC, participating in the construction of the State Key Laboratory of Fire Science and taking charge of the Lab of Forest Fire; 2001-2004, research cooperator, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Newcastle, doing research and guiding thesis writing for honor students and postgraduate students; 2004-2007, research scientist, Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, presiding over research on fire phenomenon of forest and urban fringe; currently a research fellow in State Key Laboratory of Fire Science of USTC, professor and Ph.D. supervisor in Dept. of Safety Science and Engineering, and holding concurrent posts as standing member of council of China Energy Society and member of Forest Fire Prevention Committee of China Society of Forestry.
Prof. Wang has participated in nearly 20 research projects, including project of State Special Funds for Forest Fire Prevention, key subject of National Natural Science Foundation, key subject of Australian Research Funds and subject of Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. He has published over 100 academic papers on top international journals in the filed of energy and fire safety, like Combustion and Flame, Energy and Fuels, Fuel, Combustion Science and Technology, Fire Safety Journal, etc. Wang was invited to write a summary of researches on low temperature oxidation and self-heating coal by the most authoritative journal in this field, and wrote a monograph on material flammability testing technology in cooperation with other experts in the filed of fire safety. He was once a reviewer for Combustion and Flame, Energy and Fuels, Fuel and Fire Safety Journal.
He has won for times awards from USTC and Anhui Provincial Government, and also the awards from Australian Federal Government of Education, Science and Training, Australian Academy of Science and University of Newcastle during study and work there. He won the Second Prize of CAS Natural Science Award as main contributor in 1996 and was selected into CAS Hundred Talents Program in 2009.
Selected Publications
1) 基于锥形量热仪测试的树叶燃烧碳排放研究 , 燃烧科学与技术 , 2016 , 22(4)
2) 阔叶树叶样品辐射点燃过程中的表层效应 , 燃烧科学与技术 , 2016 , 22(2)
3) 植物焦炭氧化中的平行反应及其动力学解析 , 化学学报 , 2016 , 74(1)
4) 森林防火隔离带技术的变革与优势 , 世界林业研究 , 2015 , 28(6)
5) 生物防火林带技术的科学基础和发展前景 , 林业科学研究 , 2015 , 28(5)
6) 基于交叉点温度法煤自燃倾向性评定指标的物理内涵 , 煤炭学报 , 2015 , 40(2)
7) "A study of the heating values of surface fuels in Guangdong forest areas". In: J Khatib (editor) "Energy, Environmental & Sustainable Ecosystem Development" , World Scientific Publishing, Singapore , 2015 ,
8) Analysis on the governing reactions in coal oxidation at temperatures up to 400 deg C , International Journal of Clean Coal and Energy , 2014 , 3(2)
9) 辐射热流作用下树叶样品燃烧特征研究 , 火灾科学 , 2013 , 22(1)
10) 树叶组成的热解反应及热稳定性的理论解析 , 林业科学 , 2012 , 48(11)
11) Role of an additive in retarding coal oxidation at moderate temperatures , Proceedings of the Combustion Institute , 2011 , 33(2)
12) Analysis on downwind distribution of firebrands sourced from a wildland fire , Fire Technology , 2011 , 47(2)
13) 煤氧化增重现象中的控制反应及其动力学解析 , 化学学报 , 2012 , 70(8)
14) On the determination of the crossing-point temperatures for evaluating reactivity of solids , Fire Safety Science , 2011 , 10
15) 中国矿井火灾安全与煤自燃现象研究 , 科技促进发展 , 2009 , (12)
16) 关于我国森林防火科技发展规划的思考 , 森林防火 , 2009 , (3)
17) Analytical model for determining thermal radiance of fire plumes with implication to wildland fire , Combustion Science and Technology , 2009 , 181(2)
18) 煤自燃倾向性测试方法综述 , 安全与环境学报 , 2009 , 9(2)
19) 交界域火灾现象和预防对策探讨 , 森林防火 , 2008 , (3)
20) Kinetic analysis of dehydration of a bituminous coal using TGA technique , Energy and Fuels , 2007 , 21
21) Ignition conditions for houses exposed to external radiation sourced from adjacent bushfires , Proc of 7th Asia-Oceania Symp on Fire Sci & Tech , 2007 , AOFST7
22) "Tests for spontaneous ignition of solid materials", In: V Apte (editor) "Flammability testing of materials in construction, transport and mining sectors" , Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge, UK , 2006 ,
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