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  GONG Decai
Department: Department of Scientific History & Archaeometry
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96 Jinzhai Rd.,Hefei,Anhui
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Research Profile

Ph.D.,University of Science and Technology Beijing,2002—2006
Visiting Scholar,Gallery of Ishikawa,Japan,Dec.1998—Mar.1999
MS.,Fudan University,Sept.1993—July1996
BS.,Nanjing Normal University,Mar.1978—Feb.1982

Positions Held
Professor,Department of History of Science and Technology and Archaeometry,University of Science and Technology of China,2008—
Deputy Director,Research Institution of Conservation,Nanjing Museum,1992—2008

Conservation of Paper and Textile Cultural Relics
Prevention and Treatment of Insect and Mould of Organic Cultural Relics
Conservation of Coloured Decoration of Historic Building
Prevention and Treatment of Termite
Theory of Conservation

Excellent scientific and technological workers of Jiangsu Provence,Ministry of Organization of Jiangsu,2003

Conservation Project
1 insecticidal fumigation at Chaotian Temple storeroom
2 systematic conservation of several national key cultural relics protection unit:Motley Hall in Changshu,Xue fucheng’s former residence in Wuxi,Museum in memory of Zunyi meeting in Guizhou
3 conservation of colored decoration at Zhaoyongxian’s residence in Changshu
4 conservation of 2000 cultural relics in Nantong Museum
5 conservation of 100 folk relics in Nanjing Museum
6 conservation of historic silk excavated from Lianyungang,Jiangsu
7 conservation of more than 40 historic silk excavated from Wujin,Jiangsu
8 conservation of 23 scrolls excavated from Yixin,Jiangsu
9 conservation of historic silk and paper excavated from Huangyan,Zhejiang
10 conservation of paper cultural relics excavated from Changshu
11 conservation of stone relics in Jurong,Jiangsu
12 conservation of Nanjing's Six Dynasties Stone Beasts
13 conservation of Nantong’s Wenfeng tower
Selected Publications
1) Biomolecular Evidence of Silk from 8,500 Years Ago , PloS one , 2016 , 2016年第12期
2) Different Types of Peptide Detected by Mass Spectrometry among Fresh Silk and Archaeological Silk Remains for Distinguishing Modern Contamination , PLOS ONE , 2015,8 , 2015.07
3) SDS-PAGE分析辽代法库叶茂台出土辽代丝绸的老化特征 Analysing the aging characteristics of Liao silk which excavated from Liao dynasty Fakuyemaotai by applying SDS-PAGE , 文物保护与考古科学 Sciences of Conservation and Archaeology , 2010年 , 第22卷第4期 Vol. 22, no. 4
4) Microstructure elucidation of historic silk (Bombyx mori) by nuclear magnetic resonance , Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry , 201404 , 2014年第11期
5) 古代丝织品血迹污染物的清洗研究 Study of cleaning the blood contaminant on the acient textile , 文物科技研究 Study of cultural relics science , 2010年 , 2010年第七辑 No. 7, 2010
6) Micro-mechanism elucidation of the effects of dehydration on waterlogged historic silk (Bombyx mori) by near-infrared spectroscopy , studies in conservation , 2015 , DOI: 10.1179/2047058415Y.00000
7) Determination of the experimental conditions of the transglutaminase-mediated restoration of thermal aged silk by orthogonal experiment , Journal of Cultural Heritage , 201401 , 2014年第一期
9) 古籍木函套炭化现象探究 Study of carbonization phenomenon of wooden package of ancient books , 全国第十届考古与文物保护化学学术研讨会论文集 , 2008年 ,
10) Transglutaminase-mediated restoration of historic silk and its ageing resistance , Heritage Science , 201301 , 2013年第一期
11) 古代纺织品保护研究的发展趋势 Development tendency of ancient textile conservation , 文化遗产保护科技发展国际研讨会 论文集 , 2007年 ,
12) Analytical study of the special crafts used in Ancient Tripitaka , Journal of Cultural Heritage , 2015 , doi:10.1016
13) The discovery of free radicals in ancient silk textiles , POLYMER DEGRADATION AND STABILITY , 2013 , 2013-09
14) 无地仗层彩绘保护技术研究 Study of conservation tehnology of coloured drawing which without base layer , 文物保护与考古科学 Sciences of Conservation and Archaeology , 2004年 ,
15) 古代丝织品劣化机理的形态学研究 Morphological study of deterioration mechanism of ancient textile , 台湾故宫文物月刊 Cultural relic of Taiwan imperial palace , 2004年 , 第22卷第5期 Vol. 22, No. 5
16) 文物保护学视角下的文物信息学 , 中国文化遗产 , 2015,6 , 2015年第2期
17) 论文物保护学的理论模型 , 东南文化 , 2015,3 , 2015/1
18) 古代纺织品的保护研究 Study of ancient textile conservation , 中国文化遗产 China Cultural Heritage , 2004年 , 2004年秋季号 Autumn, 2004
19) 古建筑保护中常用的化学材料综述 Review of common chemical materials which are used in preserving ancient buildings , 东南文化 Southeast Culture , 2003年 ,
20) “相关元素法则”在古代丝织品媒染剂研究中的应用 The using of "rules of related elements" in the study of mordant in dyeing ancient textile , 文物世界 World of Antiquity , 2003年 ,
21) 古代丝织品的劣化机理研究方法综述 Review of study methods of deterioration mechanism of ancient textile , 考古与文物 Archaeology and Cultural Relics , 2003年 ,
22) 武威市博物馆馆藏《藏文大藏经》的检测分析与保护研究 , 中国藏学 , 2014,3 , 2014-03
23) 一种鉴定古代丝绸的新方法 A new method of verifying ancient silk , 收藏界 collectors , 2003年 ,
24) 新型古建筑白蚁防治剂的研究 Study of new termite control agent which will be used on ancient buildings , 文物科技研究 Study of cutural relics science , 2003年 ,
25) 文物保护科学与文物的科学保护 Conservation science and scientific conservation , 中国文保协会二届学术会论文 , 2002年 ,
26) 岩山寺文殊殿彩塑制作材料及工艺研究 , 文物世界 , 2014,2 , 2014-02
27) 化学材料在木构古建筑保护中的应用实例 The examples of applying chemical materials in the conservation of ancient wooden buildings , 鹿港龙山寺灾后修复国际研讨会(台湾) , 2002年 ,
28) 新型干燥剂WG--1的研制及应用 The development and the use of the new desiccating agent -- WG-1 , 文物保护与考古科学 Sciences of Conservation and Archaeology , 2001年 ,
29) 常州武进横山桥王志墓出土金器清洗方法研究 Study of the methods of cleaning the gold vessel which excavated from Wangzhi tomb of Hengshan bridge, Wujin, Changzhou , 第一届全国文物保护协会学术讨论会论文集 , 2001年 ,
30) 南京图书馆馆藏古籍防虫防霉处理 The insect-resistant and mouldproof treatment of Nanjing library holding ancient books , 东南文化 Southeast Culture , 2000年 ,
31) 无锡曹家祠堂古建筑保护 Conservation of ancient buildings of Cao's ancestral hall of Wuxi , 东南文化 Southeast Culture , 1999年 ,
32) 化学材料在南通天宁寺古建筑维修中的应用 The use of chemical materials in maintaining the ancient building -- Tianning temple of Nantong , 东南文化 Southeast Culture , 1999年 ,
33) 现代科技与考古科学 Modern technology and archaeological science , 文物季刊 Cultural relics of the quarterly , 1998年 ,
34) 派拉纶涂覆技术在文物保护中的应用 The use of Paramount nylon coating technology in conservation , 文物保护与考古科学 Sciences of Conservation and Archaeology , 1996年 , 1996年第八期 No. 8, 1996
35) NMF-1防霉剂的研制及应用研究 The study of developing and applying mildew preventive NMF-1 , 文物保护与考古科学 Sciences of Conservation and Archaeology , 1990年 , 1990年第二期 No. 2, 1990
36) 文物保存中木材使用可能出现的问题 Problems that may occur in the using of wood in conservation , 第七届全国考古与文保学术会 , 2002年 ,
37) 青铜文物复制中常用的作伪方法 The common method of forging the copys of bronze cultural relics , 东南文化 Southeast Culture , 2000年 ,
38) 古陶瓷常见作伪手法及鉴别 The common method of forging ancient cerami and how to distinguish it , 东南文化 Southeast Culture , 2000年 ,
39) 中国文物保护学术交流网的创办思想 The ideology of building the academic exchange website of Chinese conservation , 东南文化 Southeast Culture , 2001年 ,
Student's Papers
1) SDS-PAGE分析辽宁法库叶茂台出土丝绸的老化特征 Analysing the aging characteristics of Liao silk which excavated from Liao dynasty Fakuyemaotai by applying SDS-PAGE - 文物保护与考古科学 Sciences of Conservation and Archaeology - 已录用 accepted
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