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  YANG Jiming
Department: Department of Modern Mechanics
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Department of Modern Mechanics, University of Science and Technology of China, 443 Huangshan Rd, Hefei, Anhui, PR China
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Research Profile

    Yang Jiming, male, born in Oct. 1959, was enrolled in USTC in Sep. 1978. He worked in USTC after graduation with master’s degree in 1985 and obtained doctoral degree in USTC in 1992. He is now a professor and Ph.D. supervisor. He teaches courses like "Hypersonic Aerodynamics," "Principles and Methods of Hypersonic Experiment", "Fluid Mechanics", "Viscous Fluid Mechanics” and "Basic Experiment of Mechanics" at graduate and undergraduate level. He mainly does research on Combustion, detonation, shock wave dynamics in High-speed airflow and related experimental methods and measurement techniques; Gas / liquid, liquid / liquid multiphase hydrodynamics; Biological fluid dynamics and bionic technology, applied basic research on Soft elastic body fluid-structure interaction; low noise high efficiency of the mechanism of ventilation and application. He is in charge of over 20 projects including “Theoretical and Experimental Research on Influence of Wave front Boundary Layer on Near Wall Characteristics of Motion Shock Wave,” “Research on Detonation of Combustible Gases in Variable Cross-section Tube and Force and Energy Characteristics” and “Interface Motion Instability and Turbulent Mixing Experimental Study” supported by National Natural Science Foundation, and CAS Innovation Project “Advanced Propulsion Technologies and New Methods” and 863 Project “Research on Aerodynamic Effects of  Soft Elastomer and Impact Mechanism.” He has published over 80 papers on international journals and conferences like Science in China, Shock Wave and Physics of Fluids. He has done cooperative research or academic exchanges and given reports for over 30 times in Japan, Italy, USA, Taiwan, Australia, Germany, Canada, Holland and India. He was honored as “National Young Model of Science and Technology,” and won the Science and Technology Award for Young of Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and “National Labor Medal”
Selected Publications
1) Hypersonic Type-IV Shock/Shock Interactions on a Blunt Body with Forward-Facing Cavity , Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets , 2017 , Vol. 54, No.2
2) 激波的传播与干扰 , 力学进展 , 2016 , 第46卷
3) A top-view optical approach for observing the coalescence of liquid drops , Review of Scientific Instruments , 2016 , Vol.87
4) 一种形状可控的激波增强管道型线设计新方法 , 航空学报 , 2016 , 37(8)
5) 预设堵块法检测进气道自启动能力的数值研究 , 推进技术 , 2016 , 37(10)
6) A hybrid CFD/characteristics method for fast characterization of hypersonic blunt forebody/inlet flow , Science China, Physics, Mechanics and Astronomy , 2015 , 58(10)
7) Expremental and Numerical study of hypersonic Type IV Shock Interaction on Blunt Body With Forward Facing Cavity , AIAA Paper , 2015 , AIAA 2015-3666
8) 一种鼻锥钝化高超声速轴对称进气道流动特性实验 , 航空学报 , 2015 , 36(1)
9) Unsteady behaviors of a hypersonic inlet caused by throttling in shock tunnel , AIAA Journal , 2013 , Vol. 51, No. 10
10) 一种用于前缘钝化高超声速进气道设计评估的CFD/特征线组合方法及其应用 , 推进技术 , 2013 , 2013年第12期
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