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  Chuan-Feng Li
Department: Department of Optics & Optical Engineering
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Key Lab of Quantum Information, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, PR China
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Research Profile

    Professor Chuan-Feng Li is born in Feb. 1973 in Shandong Province. He gets to University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 1990 as an undergraduate, then gets his doctorate in 1999 in the department of physics of USTC, supervised by Prof. Guang-Can Guo. Now, he is a professor of department of optics & optical engineering and Key Lab of Quantum Information of USTC.
    Prof. Li's research area is quantum optics and quantum information. Now, he is concentrating on constructing a featured quantum entanglement network and exploring quantum physics with developed quantum information technology.
    Research Overview:
    Linear Optics: Using spontaneous parametric down conversion (SPDC) process in nonlinear crystal (usually BBO), we can get entangled photon pairs. Then with polarizing beam splitter (PBS) gate, we can link the photon pairs to get multi-photon entangled states. With these entangled states and conventional optical elements (wave plate, FP cavity, beam splitter, quartz plates, APD, etc) we demonstrate various quantum information protocols. Another progress is to demonstrate dynamics process of given Hamiltonian with ancilla qubit.
    Self-assembled Quantum Dots: SPDC process above mentioned is probabilistic, however the cascaded process in single quantum dot may generate deterministic entangled XX-X photon pairs. We also study the spin dynamics process in quantum dots (maybe including other low-dimensional materials in future).
    Solid State Quantum Memory: Rare-earth-ion doped crystal has many excellent properties as a candidate solid-state quantum memory for light, such as long coherence time, large bandwidth and strong light and matter coupling. We are working on the realization of a practical quantum memory for applications in quantum networks. 
Selected Publications
1) Heisenberg-scaling measurement of the singlephoton Kerr non-linearity using mixed states , Nature Communications , 201801 , 2018年
2) Experimental Investigation of Spectra of Dynamical Maps and their Relation to non-Markovianity , Physical Reveiw Letters , 201802 , 2018年120卷
3) Directly Measuring the Degree of Quantum Coherence using Interference Fringes , Physical Review Letters , 201701 , 2017年118卷
4) Demonstration of multisetting one-way Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering in two-qubit systems , Physical Review Letters , 201704 , 2017年118卷
5) Experimental Demonstration of Higher Precision Weak-Value-Based Metrology Using Power Recycling , Physical Review Letters , 201612 , 2016年117卷
6) Nonlocality from local contextuality , Physical Review Letters , 201611 , 2016年117卷
7) Simulating the exchange of Majorana zero modes with a photonic system , Nature Communications , 201610 , 2016年7卷
8) Experimental investigation of the no-signalling principle in parity–time symmetric theory using an open quantum system , Nature Photonics , 201610 , 2016年10卷
9) Storage of multiple single-photon pulses emitted from a quantum dot in a solid-state quantum memory , Nature Communications , 201510 , 2015年6卷
10) Demon-like Algorithmic Quantum Cooling and its Realization with Quantum Optics , Nature Photonics , 201402 , 2014年8卷2期
11) Quantum simulation of dynamics of Landau-Zener model supporting Kibble-Zurek mechanism , Physical Review Letters , 201401 , 2014年112卷3期
12) Experimental recovery of quantum correlations in absence of system-environment back-action , Nature Communications , 201311 , 2013年第4卷
13) Phase estimation with weak measurement using a white light source , Physical Review Letters , 201307 , 2013年111卷3期
14) Realization of quantum Wheeler’s delayed-choice experiment , Nature Photonics , 201209 , 2012第6卷9期
15) Realization of Reliable Solid-State Quantum Memory for Photonic Polarization Qubit , Physical Review Letters , 201205 , 2012第108卷19期
16) Experimental control of the transition from Markovian to non-Markovian dynamics of open quantum systems , Nature Physics , 201112 , 2011第7卷12期
17) Experimental Generation of an Eight-photon Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger State , Nature Communications , 201111 , 2011第2卷
18) Experimental investigation of the entanglement assisted entropic uncertainty principle , Nature Physics , 201110 , 2011第7卷10期
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20) Experimental demonstration of photonic entanglement collapse and revival , Physical Review Letters , 201003 , 2010年第104卷10期
21) Experimental characterization of entanglement dynamics in noisy channels , Physical Review Letters , 200912 , 2009年第103卷24期
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