Faculty Profile
  WU Xiaojun
Department: Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Mailing Address:
Jinzhai Road 96, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, ANHUI, China
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Research Profile

Wu Xiaojun, professor, Ph.D. supervisor; 

BS  Physical Chemistry, USTC, 2000; 
PhD Physical Chemistry, USTC, 2005; 

2005-2010 postdoc
          Univeristy of Nebraska-Lincoln, NE
2010-now  professor 
          Department of Materials Science and Engineering, USTC
          CAS Key Lab of Materials for Energy Conversion, USTC
          Hefei National Lab for Physical Science at the Microscale, USTC

Research interests
1. First-Principles Calculations
2. Theoretical Design and Simulation of Low-Dimensional Materials
3. Reaction and Dynamic Process
4. Energy and Electronics Related Materials
Selected Publications
1) Double Metallocene Nanowires , J. Am. Chem. Soc. , 2009 , 131,14246
2) B2C Graphene, Nanotube and Ribbon , Nano Lett. , 2009 , 9,1577
3) Perodic Graphene Nanobud , Nano Lett , 2008 , 9,250
4) Single-Walled MoTe2 Nanotubes , Nano Lett , 2007 , 7,2987
5) Chemical Functionalization of Boron-nitride Nanotubes with NH3 and Amino Functional Groups , J. Am. Chem. Soc , 2006 , 128,12001
6) Adsorption of hydrogen molecules on the platinum-doped boron nitride nanotubes , J. Chem. Phys , 2006 , 125,44704
Recruitment information
Project:  Computational Simulation and Design of Low-Dimensional Functional Materials 

Requirements: at least one background of the following fields: 
materials simulation, condensed matter physics, quantum chemistry, or first-principles calculations

Please send cv to xjwu@ustc.edu.cn
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