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  Liang Huawei
Department: Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, China Academy of Sciences
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Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, China Academy of Sciences
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Research Profile

Huawei Liang: 
Secretary of Party General Branch and Deputy Director of Institute of Application Technology, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Research Fellow; Doctoral advisor; Committee Member of Intelligent Robotics Specialty Committee, Chinese Association of Automation; Committee Member of Unmanned System Specialty Committee, Chinese Institute of Command and Control; Expert of Advisory Group on unmanned ground systems expert demonstration center, General Armament Department.

	From Jul 1987 to Apr 2010, Hefei Institute of Intelligent Machines, CAS. 
-From Dec 2006 to Dec 2007, Visiting Scholar in Chinese University of Hong Kong
- Research Fellow since Mar 2010
	From Apr 2010 to Sep 2014, Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, CAS, Deputy Director
	From Sep 2014, Institute of Application Technology, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, CAS, Secretary of Party General Branch and Deputy Director

At present, mainly engaged in the research of robot, intelligent vehicle technology and system, the main research direction includes the detection technology and automatic device, pattern recognition and intelligent system, control theory and control engineering, etc. In recent years, he is responsible for and participates in over ten research projects, includes the National Key Research, the National "863" Plan, NSFC, etc. He served as the Principal Investigator of projects such as the advance key equipment development project, the Major Research Plan Projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the CAS Strategic Emerging Industries Projects etc. Supported by projects such as the Major Research Plan Project of the NSFC, the Knowledge Innovation Project of the CAS, the Key Cultivating Direction Project of Hefei Institutes of Physical Science etc. he directed the development of the intelligent vehicles like the “Intelligent Pioneer”, which won multiple outstanding trophies in the NSFC-sponsored " Future Challenge of Chinese Intelligent Vehicles " and the General Armament Department sponsored “the Over Obstacles Challenge ", the “Intelligent pioneer” research team has become an important force in the study of Intelligent Vehicle Technology. In recent years, he published over 80 research papers at home and abroad, including more than 50 SCI, EI indexed articles, applied over 10 national invention patents. He also received one second prize of the CAS Technology Progress Award, one second prize of Science and Technology in Anhui Province.
Selected Publications
1) 基于激光雷达的无人驾驶汽车动态障碍物检测、跟踪与识别方法 , 机器人 , 2016 , 38(4)
2) Human-driver speed profile modeling for autonomous vehicle's velocity strategy on curvy paths , 2016 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium , 2016 , 2016
3) 基于道路形态分析的道路边界提取 , 机器人 , 2016 , 38(8)
4) Influences of Leading-Vehicle Types and Environmental Conditions on Car-Following Behavio , IFAC-PapersOnLine , 2016 , 49(15)
5) A Framework for Applying Point Clouds Grabbed by Multi-Beam LIDAR in Perceiving the Driving Environment , sensors , 2015 , 15(9)
6) 基于激光雷达回波信号的自适应阈值车道线检测 , 机器人 , 2015 , 2015(4)
7) 基于双目视觉的四边形闭环跟踪算法 , 机器人 , 2015 , 2015(4)
8) A bionic camera-based polarization navigation sensor. , Sensors , 2014 , 14(1)
9) 一种基于车辆运动微分模型的EKF-SLAM算法 , 信息与控制 , 2014 , 2014, 43(1)
10) 基于激光传感器的无人驾驶汽车动态障碍物检测及表示方法 , 机器人 , 2014 , 36(6)
11) 一种可搜索无限个邻域的改进A*算法 , 机器人 , 2014 , 36(5)
Student's Papers
1) 一种无线传感器网络节点操作系统设计 - 自动化与仪表 - 已录用
2) OSEK/VDX嵌入式实时操作系统在汽车稳定性控制器中的应用 - 计算机系统应用 - 2010年第4期
3) 嵌入式系统中FAT32文件系统的实现 - 电子测量技术 - 2009年第9期
4) 两种自主泊车路径规划方法的对比研究 - 电子测量技术 - 2011年第1期
5) 平行泊车的路径规划方法及其仿真研究 - 电子测量技术 - 2011年第1期
6) 基于多传感器多路径规划自动泊车系统仿真及实车验证 - 自动化与仪器仪表 - 已录用
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