Faculty Profile
  LIU Gongfa
Department: National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory
Mailing Address:
No.42, Hezuohua South Road, Hefei, Anhui, China
Postal Code:

Research Profile

LIU Gongfa, male, born in Sep.1969, PH.D, senior engineer, controls group leader of National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory(NSRL) of USTC.
He is a winner of the “Introduction of Outstanding Technological Talents Program” of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2010.

Education and working experience:

1993, graduated with bachelor's degree in the Department of Modern Physics of USTC; 1998, doctoral degree in Nuclear Physics of USTC; Mar.1998-Jan.2001, engineer at NSRL of USTC; Jan.2001-Oct.2006, senior engineer at NSRL of USTC; Oct.2006-Apr.2010, scientific associate at DESY,Germany; Apr.2010-at present, senior engineer, controls group leader at NSRL of USTC.

Main research experience:

His research was mainly devoted to particle accelerator controls. He worked for NSRL Phase II Project from Mar.1998 to Dec.2004. He was in charge of the hardware design and development of new control system from Mar.1998 to Jun. 2002, and the whole control system development and commissioning from Jul.2002 to Dec.2004. 
He joined the European XFEL project from Oct.2006 to Apr.2010, and R&D redundant control under EPICS (Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System). 
He worked for the HLS upgrade project from Apr.2010 to Dec.2014, and he was responsible for constructing the control system.
At present, he is responsible for constructing the control system of the IR-FEL project, which belongs to the Special Fund for Research on Key Scientific Instruments of the National Natural Science Foundation of China.
Selected Publications
1) 基于Oracle 的合肥光源数据存档系统及初步应用 , 核技术 , 2013 , 2013年第1期
2) EPICS driver for phoenix contact redundant PLC , Proceedings of IPAC2013 , 2013 ,
3) Reducing HLS-II emittance by radiation damping partition factor exchange , Proceedings of IPAC2013 , 2013 ,
4) 基于PID控制的加速器束流闭轨反馈 , 原子能科学技术 , 2013 , 2013年第8期
5) A possible approach to reduce the emittance of HLS-II storage ring using a Robinson wiggler , CHINESE PHYSICS C , 2013 , 2013年第10期
6) LabVIEW PCAS Interface for NI CompactRIO , Proceedings of PCaPAC2014 , 2014 ,
7) 基于NI cRIO 的合肥光源冷却水监测系统 , 核技术 , 2014 , 2014年第4期
8) 基于BEAST的合肥光源报警系统 , 核电子学与探测技术 , 2015 , 2015年第5期
9) HLS-Ⅱ储存环束流清洗状况 , 核技术 , 2015 , 2015年第10期
10) A redundant EPICS control system based on PROFINET , Proceedings of ICALEPCS2015 , 2015 ,
11) Event-driven timing system based on MRF cPCI hardware for HLS-II , NUCLEAR SCIENCE AND TECHNIQUES , 2015 , 2015年第6期
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