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  Zhen-Sheng YUAN
Department: School of Physical Sciences
Mailing Address:
School of Physical Sciences,University of Science and Technology of China, 96 Jinzhai Rd, Hefei, Anhui, PR China
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Research Profile

    Zhen-Sheng Yuan, born in Baoding, Hebei Province in July 1976, is Professor of Physics and Doctoral supervisor of USTC, elected into "Hundred talents" Programs of the CAS and Anhui Province. 

 1998-2003       Ph.D 
                 Thesis: Fast electron impact study on noble gases 
                 Supervisor: Prof. Ke-Zun Xu
                 Department of Modern Physics, 
                 University of Science and Technology of China
 2000.7-2001.1   Visiting Scholar at Tshinghua: 
                 Multi-Channel Quantum Defect Theory and R-Matrix Theory
                 Supervisor: Prof. Jia-Ming Li 
                 Department of Physics, Tsinghua University
 1994-1998       B. Sc., Physics,
                 Department of Modern Physics, 
                 University of Science and Technology of China
 2011-now        Professor of Physics, USTC, China 
 2009-2011       Senior Researcher, University of Heidelberg 
 2007-2009       Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, University of Heidelberg 
 2006-2007       Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Heidelberg 
 2005.1-2005.2   Visiting Scientist, University Electro-Communications, Tokyo 
 2003-2006       Lecturer, USTC, China

Research Interest:
 Quantum manipulation of ultracold atoms
 Quantum optics
 Physics of atomic collision and many-body interaction
 Quantum information processing with photons and atoms 

Stipends and awards 
 2012: Hundred Talents Programm, Anhui Province
 2011: Hundred Talents Programm, CAS
 2007-2009: Alexander von Humboldt fellowship 
 2005: Elite teacher, K. C. Wong Education Foundation 
 2003: Outstanding graduate student, Anhui Province 
 2002: QiuShi Graduate Student's Scholarship, USTC 
 1999: Guanghua Scholarship, USTC 
 1998: Guanghua Scholarship, USTC 
 1998: Outstanding under-graduate student, Anhui Province 

Research Highlight:
 Contributions to quantum communication with photons and cold atoms, atomic scattering and spectra. Over 40 peer-review journal publications including Nature, Nature Physics/Photonics, and Phys. Rev. Lett. 
Recruitment information
Physics majors with outstanding academic performance and research records.
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TEL: +86-551-63600279, E-mail: tianlin@ustc.edu.cn