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  QIAN Yitai
Department: Department of Chemistry
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University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, P. R. China
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Research Profile

    Professor Qian Yitai was born in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. He graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Shandong University in 1962. He currently serves as Professor at Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Science at Microscale and Department of Chemistry in University of Science and Technology of China, and School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Shandong University. He was elected as an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1997. He achieved the Second Class of National Natural Science Award in 2001. In 2002, he is the recipient of the Award for Major Achievements in Science and Technology in Anhui Province. In 2008, he became a Fellow of the RSC. In 2011, He achieved the First Prize of Outstanding Achievements of Scientific Research of colleges and universities. Prof. Qian has published more than 800 refereed journal publications with citations by important international journals exceeding 20000 times.

He has developed the solvothermal synthesis technology into an important solid synthetic method and creatively developed the organic phase of the inorganic synthetic chemistry and achieved a series of new organic inorganic reactions, greatly reducing the synthesis temperature in Non-oxide Nano crystals. The work of benzothermal synthesis of GaN was published on the Science in 1996. Moreover, the work of synthesis of diamond powders by reducing pyrolysis was published on the Science 1998. 

Prof. Qian’s major interest covers the fields of solid state chemistry. Now, he is focusing on the development of new synthetic routes to electrode materials and their electrochemical performance.
Prof. Qian has graduated more than 90 Ph.D. students. Among them, six students have won the support by the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars of China, seven students won Hundred Talents Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences, five students were rated as Changjiang Scholar, two students received National Outstanding Youth Fund, and one person was received as Qilu scholar.
Selected Publications
1) Preparation of Nanocrystalline Si Starting from SiCl4 at 200 °C in Molten Salt and its High Performance as Anodes for Lithium Ion Batteries , Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. , 2015 , 2015, 54, 3822–3825
2) Low Temperature Chemical Reduction of Fusional Sodium Metasilicate Nonahydrate into Honeycomb Porous Silicon Nanostructure , CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS , 2014 , 2014,50,52
3) Synthetic Methodologies for Carbon Nanomaterials , Advanced Materials , 2010 , 2010, 22(17),1963-1966
4) Controllable Synthesis of Mesoporous Co3O4 Nanostructures with Tunable Morphology for Application in Supercapacitors , Chemistry-a European Journal , 2009 , 2009, 15(21), 5320-5326
5) Tunable synthesis of various Wurtzite ZnS architectural structures and their photocaltalytic properties , ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS , 2007 , 2007,17(15), 2728-2738
6) Large-scale synthesis of carbon nanotubes by an ethanol thermal reduction process , Journal of American Chemical Society , 2003 , 2003, 125(27),8088-8089
7) Controlled Hydrothermal Synthesis of Thin Single-Crystal Tellurium Nanobelts and Nanotubes , Adv. Mater. , 2002 , 2002, 14(22), 1658
8) A reduction-pyrolysis-catalysis synthesis of diamond , Science , 1998 , 1998, 281(5374),246-247
9) A benzene-thermal synthetic route to nanocrystalline GaN , Science , 1996 , 1996, 272(5270), 1926-1927
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