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  DOU Xiankang
Department: School of Earth and Space Science
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School of Earth and Space Science, University of Science and Technology of China, 443 Huangshan Rd, Hefei, Anhui, PR China
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Research Profile

    DOU Xiankang, Vice President of USTC, is doctoral supervisor and professor of geosiences; born in Jan.1966 in Sixian, Anhui; B.S., (1987) USTC; Ph.D. (Jun.1993) University of Paris VII, France; Jul.1993-Feb.1995, postdoctoral fellow, National Scientific Research Center, France; returned to work in USTC in Feb.1995; vice chair of Dept. of Earth and Space Science in May 1997;associate dean of the School of Earth and Space Science in Mar.2002; assistant president of USTC and dean of the School of Earth and Space Science in Nov.2003; vice president of USTC in Sep.2005.
Major research contributions: 1) successfully applied Inversion of Three-dimensional Wind Field, which is set up by Scialom and Lemaitre to be adapted to ground-based radar, to airborne radar, which can make the airplane get rid of the restrictions on flight path. This research findings was published on Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, the Royal, and has been cited over 10 times by international peer experts; 2) to replace international generally used M-P raindrop size distribution with normalized gamma distribution of raindrop size, together with cooperative research fellow Testud, which greatly improves the accuracy of weather radar rainfall inversion. This research findings was published on Bulletin of Academie des Sciences,Institut de France and Journal of Applied Meteorology (US), and was valued by international peer experts. So far, it has been cited for over 30 times. 
These years he has undertaken 4 Surface Projects of National Natural Science Funds, 2 Key Direction Projects of Knowledge Innovation Program of CAS, Key Projects of National Natural Science Funds, and other national key research projects. Personal commitment to research funding is more than 6 million yuan. He has published over 20 papers on core journals at home and abroad.
Social Positions: 
   1) member of the 9th and 10th discipline review group of division of earth sceience, National Natural Science Foundation 
   2) Deputy Chief Engineer of the Meridian Project, national major science project, in charge of construction of optical detection subsystem 
   3) member of council, Chinese Society of Space research.
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