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  Zhongfu Ye
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering & Information Science
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Department of Electronic Engineering & Information Science,University of Science and Technology of China, 443 Huangshan Rd, Hefei, Anhui, PR China
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Research Profile

Ye Zhongfu, born in Dec. 1959 in Tongcheng, Anhui, was enrolled in Dept. of Radio Engineering of Hefei University of Technology in 1978 and obtained bachelor’s degree in 1982. After graduation he worked in Hefei Pen Factory and was promoted as assistant engineer in 1983. He was enrolled in Hefei University of Technology in 1983 for master program in Signal, Circuit and System and obtained master’s degree in 1986. After graduation he taught in Hefei University of Technology and was promoted as lecturer in 1987. He was enrolled in USTC in 1992 for Ph.D. program in Signal and Information Processing (division of Array Signal Processing) and obtained doctoral degree in 1995. He has been teaching and researching in USTC since graduation and was appointed as professor and Ph.D. supervisor in 2000. From Feb.1999 to Mar.2005, he was the deputy director and secretary of party branch of Division of Science and Technology of USTC.
He is currently the director of Signal Statistics and Processing Research Center of USTC, head of discipline of Signal and Information Processing of USTC, concurrent Ph.D. supervisor of Institute of Electronics of CAS, guest professor of Shantou University, member of editorial board of Journal of Communications, Acta Armamentar and Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing, reviewer for IEEE, IET, international conferences and national academic journals,member of the Committee of Instrument Science and Control Technology, Chinese Association of Higher Education, and member of the Committee of Photonics, Chinese Society of Astronautics. 
His main research areas are array signal processing, speech/audio signal processing, image analysis and processing. In recent years he has undertaken over 30 research projects including National Ninth Five-year Major Science Project “Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fibre Spectroscopy Telescope,LAMOST” and projects of National Natural Science Foundation, and has made high level research achievements, published over 200 academic papers on national and international major journals and important international conferences like IEEE, IET, PASP, PASA, Acta Electronica Sinica. He applied for 2 patents in USA, and the research achievement of super-resolution array processing won the Third Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Anhui Institution of Higher Education.
He teaches the courses “Statistical Signal Analysis",“Signal Detection and Estimation" and "Higher Order Spectral Analysis." The course “Statistical Signal Analysis" was honored as Excellent Curriculum of university level in 2008 and provincial level in 2009. “Statistical Signal Processing”, with him as the chief editor, was selected into Eleventh Five-year National Plan Course Books for Higher Education, Eleventh Five-year National Key Books, Excellent Books for Higher Education by Ministry of Education in 2009 and Excellent Course Books of USTC. Course Construction and Achievements of “Statistical Signal Analysis” won the Second Prize of CAS Teaching Award in 2008. He won the Chu Yuet Wah Award for Outstanding Teachers of CAS, Excellent Supervisor Award of USTC and the 3rd “Ordinary Fund for Education” of USTC in 2009. 
Under his supervision, 4 postdoctoral fellows, 23 Ph.D. students, 36 master students and a number of undergraduates have gradated with honors. Currently he has 14 Ph.D. students and 15 master students under his supervision. Six of his Ph.D. students won CAS President Award. Four of his Ph.D. students won CAS Chu Yuet Wah Award for Outstanding Doctoral Students. Under his supervision, his student wang Chao won Anhui Excellent Doctoral Dissertations Award, Xiang Li and  Du Bing won the first Anhui Excellent Master Thesis Award. 
He was invited for times to work in Chinese University of Hong Kong and University of Hong Kong, and did technological research in Japan and Australia in 2002.
Selected Publications
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