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  GUO Houyang
Department: Institute of Plasma Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences
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350 Shushanhu Road, Hefei, Anhui, P. R. China
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Research Profile

  Houyang Guo, male, born in 1965, selected for National “Thousand Talents Program”, Leader of “EAST Advanced Divertor Physics” 973 project funded by National Magnetic Confinement Fusion Science Program, Recipient of the prestigious “Overseas Young Chinese Scholars Collaboration Research” grant from Natural Science Foundation of China, and the research award from K.C. Wong Education Foundation, Hong Kong, in collaboration with Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP). Ph. D, Visiting Professor and Leader of “EAST Divertor and Edge Physics” task force at ASIPP. Also Chief Scientist, Chief Experimental Strategist, Head of Experimental Operations Department at Tri Alpha Energy (California, USA), which is by far the largest compact toroid magnetic fusion energy research & development facility in the world. Main research interests are divertor and edge plasma physics, plasma-materials interactions, innovative magnetic fusion energy research and development.

  Dr. Guo obtained his PhD degree from Institute of Energy and Materials, University of Quebec, Canada, 1993. Dr. Guo then joined JET Joint Undertaking, the world largest fusion energy research facility, situated in England, 1994 – 1999, and played a leadership role in both divertor physics and core plasma confinement physics studies: Physicist in charge of High fusion performance Task Force, which set the world record fusion power production of 16 MW, Experimental Session Leader of ITER-relevant steady-state Task Force, Divertor Recycling Topic Group Leader, and member of ITER ddge and divertor physics Expert Group etc. From 1999 to 2008, Dr. Guo worked at University of Washington, USA, as Principal Research Scientist, and Experimental Leader of the Field Reversed Configuration (FRC) Research Program, the largest FRC research facility funded by U.S. Department of Energy (US DOE). Dr. Guo has extensive interactions with the broad plasma physics and fusion energy community, e.g., member of American Physical Society, Division of Plasma Physics (APS-DPP) international conference program committee (2003 & 2009), Leader of US DOE Compact Toroid (Spheromak and FRC) Program Review Working Group (2008). Dr. Guo has a long-term close collaboration with ASIPP. Dr. Guo has published over 100 papers in scientific journals, including the most prestigious physics journal, Physical Review Letters. 
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