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  SUN Jinhua
Department: State Key Laboratory of Fire Science
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State Key Laboratory of Fire Science,University of Science and Technology of China, 443 Huangshan Rd, Hefei, Anhui, PR China
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Research Profile

    Sun Jinhua, male, deputy director of State Key Laboratory of Fire Science, member of the council of International Association of Fire Safety Science, vice chairman of Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science & Technology, evaluation expert for National Science and Technology Award, evaluation expert for international scientific cooperation (Ministry of Science and Technology), member of academic committee of China Fire Protection Association and Committee on Urban Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, member of editorial board for Journal of USTC and Journal of Combustion Science and Technology.
He won Japanese Ministry of Education Scholarship and obtained his doctoral degree in University of Tokyo. He was employed successively as Key Research Support Fellow in JSPS and Foreign Special Fellow in Japanese Bureau of Science and Technology from Apr.1999 to Mar.2002, and did research on combustion and safety engineering in National Fire Institute (Japan). He came back to China on CAS Hundred Talents Program, presided over 10 national and provincial projects, including key project of the Eleventh Five-Year National Science and Technology Support Program, project of National Natural Science Foundation, EU International Cooperation Projects in Science and Technology and project of CAS Outstanding Talents Funds. He has published over 130 academic papers, including 52 SCI papers and 60 EI papers on major academic journals at home and abroad like Combustion and Flame, Journal of Power Source, Combustion Science and Technology and International Symposium on Combustion, and 4 invited speeches on academic conferences. He has also published 4 academic monographs including the one invited and written in English, and 2 patents authorized. He won the First Prize for National Science and Technology Progress Award in 1993 and the Second Prize for National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2006. He was evaluated as excellent in the final evaluation of CAS Hundred Talents Program in 2005 and Excellent Worker by China Fire Protection Association. He won the 8th Anhui Science and Technology Award for Young and the Second Prize for 3rd Work Safety for Scientific and Technological Achievements by State Administration of Work Safety in 2006. He has trained 3 postdoctoral fellow, 8 Ph.D. and 10 Master’s degree students.
Selected Publications
1) Characteristics of the flame spread over the surface of charring solid combustibles at high altitude , Chinese Science Bulletin , 2009 , 54:1957-1962
2) Experimental study on flames propagating through zirconium particle clouds, , Journal of Hazardous Materials , 2009 , 170(2009), 340-344
3) Study on the influence of moisture content on thermal stability of propellant, , , Journal of Hazardous Materials , 2009 , 168(2009) 536-541
4) Combustion behaviors and Flame Structure of methane/coal dust hybrid in a vertical rectangle chamber , Combustion Science and Technology , 2008 , 180(8)1518-1528
5) Quantitative Assessment of Building Fire Risk to Life Safety , Risk Analysis , 2008 , 28(3) 615-626, 2008
6) Spontaneous combustion identification of stored wet cotton using a C80 calorimeter , Industrial Crops and Products , 2008 , 28(3), 268-272
7) Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion: Experimental research in the evolution of the two-phase flow and over-pressure , Journal of Hazardous Materials , 2008 , 156(2008),530-537
8) Decision analysis on fire safety design based on evaluating building fire risk to life , Safety Science, , 2008 , 46(2008)1125-1136
9) The Effect of Pre-movement Time and Occupant Density on Evacuation Time, , Journal of Fire Sciences , 2006 , 24(3), 237-259
10)  Velocity and number density profiles of particles across upward and downward flame propagating through iron particle clouds , Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industri , 2006 , 19(2-3), 135-141
11) Enhancing the thermal stability of LiCoO2 electrode by 4-isopropyl phenyl biphenyl phosphate in lithium ion batteries , Journal of Power Sources , 2006 , 162(2), 1363-1366
12) Catalytic effects of inorganic acids on the decomposition of ammonium nitrate , J.Hazardous Materials , 2005 , 2005
13) Concentration Profile of Particles across a Flame Propagating through an Iron Particle Cloud, , Combustion and Flame , 2003 , 134(4), 2003
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