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  Yan-Biao Kang
Department: Department of Chemistry
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96 Jinzhai Lu, Hefei
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Research Profile

KANG Yanbiao received his Ph.D from Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science in 2007. 
His research interests include: mechanistic studies in organic chemistry, synthetic target-oriented asymmetric catalysis and synthesis, and green chemistry. Responding to the worsening environment and energy problem and focusing on the fundamental matters related to the catalytic mechanism in organic chemistry, he researches on the asymmetric catalysis and synthesis under the guidance of green chemistry and in the target orientation of organic synthesis; combined with the nanotechnology and the concept of sustainable chemistry, he researches on the organic catalysis and synthesis of nanometer metal and its mechanism as well as the development of new energy. His researches mainly include organic chemistry [the research on the catalytic mechanism, the research on metallic catalyst by means of online measurement technique]; the asymmetric catalysis and synthesis in the orientation of natural or drug micromolecule; non-metallic asymmetric catalysis      
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