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  SHI Yunli
Department: Department of History of Science and Scietific Archaeometry
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USTC,96 Jinzhai Road, Hefei, Anhui 230026, P.R.China
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Research Profile

Shi Yunli 
BS. Dept. of Physics, Anhui Normal University, July 1985; 
MS.Research Division for the History of Natural Sciences, USTC, Sep.1988;
Ph.D. Research Division for the History of History of Natural Science, USTC, July 1998; 
Since Sep.1988, he has been teaching at the USTC and been successively appointed teaching assistant, lecturer, asociate professor and professor;
Oct.1996, visiting scholar, Observatory and Institute for Korean Studies, Yonsei University, Korea; 
Sep.1998-Aug. 1999, postdoctoral fellow, Dept. of History of Science, Harvard University; 
Mar. 2001-Aug. 2003, postdoctoral fellow, Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology at MIT; 
Mar.2005-Aug.2005, fellow of Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Needham Research Institute, UK; 
Sep.2005-Dec.2006, guest professor, Fellow of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Institute for Chinese and Korean Studies, Eberhard-Karls University of Tuebingen, Germany.
Selected Publications
1) Calculating the Fate of Chinese Dynasties with the Islamic Method: Chinese Study and Application of Arabic Astrology in the 17th Century. , Micrologues , 2016 , XXIV (2016)
2) The New Thermometer and a Slice of Experimental Philosophy in the Early Qing Court. , Saraiva, Luís (ed.), Europe and China , 2012 , pp.203-224
3) 西汉夏侯灶墓出土天文仪器新探 , 自然科学史研究 , 2012 , 2012年第1期, 1~16
4) Reforming Astronomy and Compiling Imperial Science in the Post Kangxi Period: A Study on the Later Volumes of the Thorough Investigations in Calendrical Astronomy Imperially Composed. , East Asian Science, Technology and Medicine , 2009 , vol. 28 (2009), pp.47-73
5) Nikolaus Smogulecki and Xue Fengzuo’s True Principles of the Pacing of the Heaven: Its Production, Publication, and Reception , East Asian Science, Technology and Medicine , 2008 , vol.27, pp.62-124
6) The Yuzhi lixiang kaocheng houbian in Korea , History of mahtematical sciences: Portugal and Eas , 2008 , Singapore, World Scientific
7) 邢云路测算回归年长度问题之再研究 , 自然科学史研究 , 200304 , 2003年第2期
8) The Korean Adaptation of the Chinese-Islamic Tables , Archive for the History of Exact Sciences , 200301 , vol.57
9) A note on the Islamic influence on the astronomical instrumentation of the Choson Korea , Historia Scientiarum , 2003 , vol.13, 34-41
Recruitment information
History of Science, Chinese Reception of European Science in 16th-19th centuries. 
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