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  En-Hou HAN
Department: School of Materials Science and Engineering
Mailing Address:
Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Wencui road 62, 110016, Shenyang, China
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Research Profile

Ph.D., Dep. of Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University (China), 1990
M.S., Dep. of Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University (China), 1985
B.S., Dep. of Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University (China), 1982

Professional Experience:
1998-Present, Professor, IMR, CAS
1998-Present, Director, Environmental Corrosion Center, IMR, CAS
2006-Present, Director, National Engineering Center for Corrosion Control, China
2014-Present, Director, Key Laboratory for Nuclear Materials and Safety Assessment, CAS
2014-Present, President, Shenyang Branch, CAS
2007-2014, Vice President, Shenyang Branch, CAS
1999-2007, Deputy Director, IMR, CAS
1998-1999, Deputy Director, Institute of Corrosion and Protection of Metals (Merged into IMR), CAS 
1995-1998, Research Scientist & Visiting Scientist, MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering & MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center & Uhlig Corrosion Lab., Cambridge, MA, United States, 
1993-1995, Associate Professor, Institute of Corrosion and Protection of Metals, CAS
1991-1993, Research Fellow, Institute of Corrosion and Protection of Metals, CAS
1982-1983, Assistant Engineer, Shanxi Aluminum Company, Hejing, China
Service to the International Professional Societies: 
 Vice President, World Corrosion Organization (2007-2010, 2013-Present)
 Global Steering Committee, International Forum for Reactor Aging Management (IFRAM) (2011-Present)
 Vice President, Chinese Industrial Anti-Corrosion Association (2011-Present)
 Vice President, Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection (2006-2014)
 Adjunct Professor, Ohio State University (2004-Present)
 Adjunct Professor, University of Science and Technology Beijing (2008-Present)
 Adjunct Professor, Northeastern University (2010-Present)
 President, Chinese Society for Fatigue (2004-Present)
 Executive Member, Materials Research Society (2006-Present)
Prof. Han serves as an editorial member for a number of international journals in the field of corrosion and materials research, such as Corrosion Science, Materials and Corrosion, Metals and Materials International, The Journal of Progress in Natural Science: Materials International, Acta Metallurgica Sinica, Journal of Chinese Society of Corrosion and Protection, etc.  Honors: 
Prof. En-Hou Han received various awards and honors including the Ho-Leung-Ho-Lee Technology Science Award, Ryukiti Hasiguti Foundation Prize, Fellow of NACE International, Distinguished Scientist from Chinese Association for Science and Technology, Distinguished Research Progress Award of China, National Science and Technology Awards of China, National Technique Invention Awards of China, Science and Technology Government Awards of China, Top 100 person in Science and Technology in New Century of China, Top Ten Outstanding Young in Chinese Academy of Science, etc.,
Research direction,
 Corrosion and stress corrosion of materials in nuclear power plant and nuclear waste disposal,
 Development of advanced magnesium alloy and its corrosion prevention techniques,
 R & D of various coatings, such as nano-composite coatings and nano-composite plating,
 Interaction of mechanics and chemistry, including stress corrosion cracking, corrosion fatigue and hydrogen embrittlement for various materials,
 Corrosion in severe corrosive industrial environments, e.g., high temperature and high pressure, H2S, acidic or alkaline environments,
 Service lifetime prediction and failure analysis for engineering structure and components,
 R & D of corrosion resistant alloys, such as weathering steel and steels in severe industry environment,
 Corrosion behaviors and mechanisms of materials in natural environment (soil, atmosphere and water), the relativity of field exposure and indoor acceleration tests
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