Faculty Profile
  XIA Weidong
Department: Department of Thermal Science & Energy Engineering
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Department of Thermal Science & Energy Engineering,University of Science and Technology of China, 443 Huangshan Rd, Hefei, Anhui, PR China
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Research Profile

    Xia Weidong
Mar. 1978-Jan. 1982/01, bachelor’s degree, Dept. of Power Engineering, Nanjing Institute of Technology
Mar. 1982-Jun. 1984, master’s degree, Institute of Plasma Physics, CAS
Aug. 1986-Jul. 1990, Ph.D. Institute of Plasma Physics, CAS
Jul. 1984-Oct. 1991, assistant research fellow, chief engineer, deputy director of Electrical Equipment Factory, Institute of Plasma Physics, CAS  
Nov. 1991-Nov. 2000, postdoctoral fellow, associate professor, professor, Dept. of Modern Physics, USTC 
Dec. 2000- present, professor, Ph.D. supervisor, Dept. of Thermal Science & Energy Engineering, USTC 
Oct. 2001-Oct. 2002, visited Institute of Plasma, University of Stuttgart, Energy Center of Paris School of Mines
Oct. 2003-Feb. 2007, vice general manager of Anhui Energy Group(temporary post)
In recent years he mainly does research on application of low temperature plasma in energy, energy chemical industry and materials. Main recent research achievements: tundish plasma heating system, boiler plasma ignition system, and preparation of plasma pyrolysis tar conductive carbon black. Current research projects in charge: Hydrogen plasma (National 863 Project), Diffusion arc plasma (National Natural Science Foundation), Chaohu lake water pollution control and energy utilization (Anhui Science and Technological Projects) and R&D cooperation projects.
Selected Publications
1) Xiao-Ning Zhang, He-Ping Li, A. B. Murphy, and Wei-Dong Xia, A numerical model of non-equilibrium thermal plasmas, Part I: Transport properties , Physics of Plasmas, 003508-11, Physics of Plasma , 2013,3 , 2013, No. 3
2) He-Ping Li, Xiao-Ning Zhang, and Wei-Dong Xia, A numerical model of non-equilibrium thermal plasmas, Part II: Governing equations, , Physics of Plasmas, 003509-11, Physics of Plasmas, , 2013-0 , 2013, No3
3) Jun Zha, Xiaoning Zhang, Zimu Xu, Cheng Wang, Beihe Du and Weidong Xia, Phenomena of multi-arc roots and parallel arcs in a large-scale magnetically rotating arc plasma generator, , IEEE Trans. on Plasma Sci., 41, pp601-605, 2013.03 , ,
4) Dynamics of large-scale magnetically rotating arc plasmas , Appl. Phys. Lett. , 2006 , vol. 88, 2006:211501-3
5) Experimental observation and numerical analysis of arc plasma diffused by magnetism , European Physical Journal , 2008 , D,47,2008:75-81
6) Modeling of a magnetron argon plasma issuing into ambient air , Japanese Journal of Applied Physics , 2008 , 47,2008:273-37
7) Investigation of a novel large area dispersed arc plasma source with time-resolved. , IEEE Transaction on Plasma Science , 2008 , 36, 2008:1082-1083
8) Effect of an axial magnetic field on a DC argon arc , Chinese physics B , 2008 , 17,2008: 649-654
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