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  CAI Weiping
Department: Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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350 Shushanhu Road Hefei 230031, Anhui, P. R. China
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  Weiping Cai, male, born in April, 1959, PhD, professor and selected person of "100 Talent Project" of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). He graduated from Northeast University and got Bachelor degree in 1982 and Master degree in 1984. Since obtaining Doctor degree at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 1995, he has been working at Institute of Solid State Physics, CAS, as post-doctor before August 1997, and as professor from then on. In that period, he worked at Max-planck Institute of Microstructural Physics, and Nano-Science and Technology Center at Kassel University in Germany as guest scientist. He was engaged in scientific research in the fields: boundary segregation, surface modification of ion and laser beams, physical/chemical behaviours of nanoparticles and their composite systems.Current research interests: physical/chemistry of nanoparticles and their assemblies, emphasizing development of synthesis techniques of nanoparticle patterns , studying microstructures, properties and relationship between them; exploring the basic physical/chemical effects, revealing thermal and chemical stability etc. Now he is undertaking and participating several research projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation, "863" and "973" Programs, supervising 3 students for PhD and 5 for Master. The students with backgrounds of physics or material science are preferably welcome.
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