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  YIN Zejie
Department: Department of Modern Physics
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Department of Modern Physics,University of Science and Technology of China, 96 Jinzhai Rd, Hefei, Anhui, PR China
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Research Profile

    Prof. Yin Zejie, male, born in Dec. 1956 in Yongchuan, Sichuan; graduated from Dept. of Modern Physics in USTC in 1983 and obtained doctoral degree in 1990. He has been teaching and researching in Dept. of Modern Physics since graduation. He is currently a professor and Ph.D. supervisor of Dept. of Modern Physics of USTC, and holding concurrent posts as member of editorial board of Division of Nuclear Electronics and Detection Technology of Chinese Nuclear Society. 
Main research areas are nuclear information processing and nuclear electronics system, radiation imaging, physical electronics, computer technology application and biomedical engineering. Completed researches are “Real-time Imaging Measurement of Dose Field” (project of National Natural Science Foundation), dynamic non-contact ultrasonic thickness, r knife brain surgery feasibility study, 8800CT pieces of the transformation of the camera controller, industrial bed height non-stop line detection, high-frequency removal system of electron bunch of accelerator storage ring, Turn by Turn system of electron bunch of accelerator storage ring, fiber optic probes for measurement of hard X-ray array and transient image receiving system, electronics system of ITER neutron flux detection, nuclear radiation sensor for wireless sensor networks on battlefield. In these researches, he was the first to put forward real time imaging measurement of nuclear radiation dose field and image processing algorithms, the principle of time amplification based on frequency changes, micro-displacement measurement to improve array detector spatial resolution, multi-point simultaneous localization measurement of three-dimensional ultrasound, and digital correlation integral phase demodulation. 
He has a national patent “imaging measurement of dose field and equipment” (Patent No. 96122138.0). He has published over 100 academic papers and won a first prize and a third prize of Anhui Natural Science Excellent Academic Papers (1994-1996). Under his supervision were 19 Ph.D. students and 28 master’s degree students, who have successfully graduated. Currently under his supervision are 5 Ph.D. students and 3 master students. He was granted Government Special Allowance since 1993.
Selected Publications
1) Tokamak fusion neutron spectrometer based on PXI bus , Nucl. Sci. Tech , 2015 , 2014, 25(4): 040401.
2) Experimental Validation of a Tokamak neutron spectrometer based on Bonner Spheres , Chin. Phys. C , 2015 , 2015, 39(8): 086001
3) A real-time n/gamma digital pulse shape discriminator based on FPGA , Applied Radiation and Isotopes , 2013-7 , Vel.3, No.34
4) Calculation of Response Function for Bonner Sphere Spectrometer Based on Geant4 , Plasma Sci. Technol , 2015 , 2015, 17(1): 80-83
5) The Neutron-Gamma Pulse Shape Discrimination Method for Neutron Flux Detection in the ITER , Plasma Science and Technology , 2013-5 , Vel.15, No.5
6) Spectral reconstruction of the flash X-ray generated by Dragon-I LIA based on transmission measurements , Nucl. Sci. Tech , 2015 , 2015, 26(4): 040403
7) Dynamic linear calibration method for a wide range neutron flux monitor system in ITER , Nuclear Sci. and Tech. , 2013-8 , Vel.24, No.4
8)  X-ray imaging using single plastic scintillating fiber , NIM B EI , 2004 , 225
9) The Real-Time, High Precision Phase Difference Measurement of Electron Density in HL-2A Tokamak , Plasma Sci. Technol , 2015 , 2015, 17(9): 797-801
10) A Simulation Study on the Flash X-Ray Spectra Spatial Distribution , Plasma Science and Technology , 201311 , Vel.15, No.11
11) Research on the Real-Time Phase Jump Process Method for Plasma Electron Density Measurement in HL-2A Tokamak , Plasma Sci. Technol , 2015 , 2015, 17(10)
12) 7. Real-Time Dynamic Spectrum Analysis for Plasma Electron Density and Faraday Rotation Angle Measurement on HL-2A , Plasma Sci. Technol , 2015 , 2015, 17(12): 1092-1096
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