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  LI Quanxin
Department: Department of Chemical Physics
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Prof. Quanxin Li, Department of Chemical Physics, University of Science & Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui province, 230026. liqx@ustc.edu.cn
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Research Profile

Li Quanxin, male, professor of Dept. of Chemical Physics, USTC; deputy director of Anhui Province Key Laboratory of Biomass Clean Energy, director of the Surface and Catalytic Laboratory. 
Sep.1980~Jul.1984, B.Sc.( Solid State Physics), Dept. of Physics, Anhui University
Sep.1987~Dec.1990, M. Sc. (Chemical Physics), USTC
Feb.1991~Jul.1993, PhD. (Chemical Physics), USTC

2)Working Experience
Sep.1993~Aug.1995, lecturer, USTC
Sep.1995~Sep.1996, post-doctoral fellow, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Oct.1996~Jul.1998, associate professor, USTC
Aug.1998~Jul.2002, associate professor, Department of Chemical Systems Engineering, University of tokyo
Aug.2002–present, professor, PhD. supervisor, Dept. of Chemical Physics, USTC

3)Award: Second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award

4)Main research and findings: Prof. Li mainly does interdisciplinary research on Chemical Physics, Materials and Chemical Engineering and has published over 90 papers on major academic journals home and abroad, one international patents (Patent No:JPA2004160374,Patent No:JP2005009924) and ten national patents. Now, he mainly focuse on: 1.Catalytic conversion of biomass to  biofuels & chemicals (H2, FT-fuels,  alcohols, olefins etc.); 2.Design & preparation of functional  catalysts; 3.Anions emission material and  applications.
  He initiated a way to produce free radicals of oxygen anion with strong oxidation by using synthesis porous materials. In recent years, he has been doing projects of basic and applied research on biomass energy sources and new functional materials, with the support by CAS Hundred Talents Program, 863 and 973 Programs. Main research findings: 1)invented  new  catalysts which are suitable for bio-oil reforming to produce hydrogen, preliminarily studied a new way to produce hydrogen through steam reforming of bio-oil under the electrochemical catalytic conditions; 2)studied and sifted a series of catalysts for steam reforming of bio-oil to produce hydrogen, and reliminarily studied the relations of catalysts structure and bio-oil conversion efficiency;3)high efficient conversion of bio-oil to FT-fuels,  alcohols, olefins etc.;4)succeeded in synthesis of O-, H-, OH-, F- emission materials, and synthesis of phenol through hydroxylation of benzene.        
Currently he is undertaking a 973 project “Basic Research on Conversion of Biomass into High-grade Fuel” , 863 project “Research and Development of Renewable Resources for Hydrogen Production from Biomass” and a project of NNSF “Basic Research on New Fluoride/Chloride Anion Save-Emission Materials ans the application in Semiconductor Etching”.
Selected Publications
1)  “High efficient production of hydrogen from crude bio-oil via an integrative process between gasification and current-enhanced catalytic steam reforming” , Int. J. Hydrogen Energy , 2010 , 35,518-532
2) “Hydrogen production by low-temperature reforming of organic compounds in bio-oil over a CNT-promoting Ni catalyst” , Int. J. Hydrogen Energy , 2009 , 34, 9095–9107
3)  “Effects of current upon hydrogen production from electrochemical catalytic reforming of acetic acid” , Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, , 2009 , 34, 1760-1770.
4) Surface Modification of Medical Poly(vinyl chloride) with O- Water , Journal of Applied Polymer Science , 2008 , DOI 10.1002/app
5) Effects of current upon low-temperature electrochemical catalytic reforming of acetic acid , International Journal of Hydrogen Energy , 2008 , 34(4),1760-1770,
6) Surface modification of polystyrene with atomic oxygen radical anions-dissolved solution , Applied Surface Science , 2008 , 254, 4191–4200
7) “High efficient production of hydrogen from bio-oil using low-temperature electrochemical catalytic reforming approach over NiCuZn-Al2O3 catalyst , Catalysis Letters, , 2008 , DOI:0.1007/s10562
8) Characteristics and Mechanism of Atomic Fluorine Anions Emission from Nanoporous Crystal [Ca24Al28O64]4+•(F–)3.36(O2–)0.32 Surface , The Journal of Physical Chemistry C , 2008 , 10.1021/jp805681q
9) “Atomic fluorine anion storage-emission materialC12A7-F- and etching of Si and SiO2 by atomic fluorine anions” , Chemistry of Materials, (2008) , 2008 , 20(10),3473~3479,
10) Electrochemical catalytic reforming of oxygenated-organic compounds over NiO/Al2O3 catalyst: a high efficient low-temperature reforming method for production of hydrogen from bio-oil , Chemical Communications , 2008 , DOI: 10.1039/b810851j
11)  , Letters in Applied Microbiology , 2007 , 45 (2007) 200–205
12) Hydrogen Production by Steam Reforming of Ethanol on Potassium-Doped 12CaO-7Al2O3 Catalyst, , Catal. Lett. , 2007 , 119, 29
13) Characteristics of Bio-Oil-Syngas and Its Utilization in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis,Energy & Fuels, 2007, 21, 2421-2432 , Energy & Fuels , 2007 , 21, 2421-24
14) Production of hydrogen from catalytic steam reforming of bio-oil using C12A7-O_-based catalysts, , Applied Catalysis A: General, , 2007 , 320, 24-34
15) Substitution of H-for O-and H- emissions of 12CaO 7Al2O3l , APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS , 2005 , 86,114101
16) High-intensity atomic oxygen radical anion emission from12CaO· 7Al2O3 crystal surface , Surface Science, . , 2003 , in press
17) Desorption of C2- anion from Au-C-deposited Y2O3 stabilized ZrO2 Surface , J. Phys. Chem. B, , 2003 , in press
18) Absolute emission current density of O- from C12A7 crystal , Applied Phys. Letts , 2002 , 80, 4259-4261
19) Reproducibility of O- Negative Ion Emission from C12A7 Crystal Surface , Jap. J. Applied Phys., , 2002 , 41, L238-240
20) Theoretical investigation on the N + SF2 NS+ reaction involving resonance-enhanced multiphoton ioniz , J. Chem. Phys., , 2002 , 117,6519-6523
21) “Study on the Resonance Enhanced Multiophoton Ionization Studies of 4s and C atates of SF2 Radical , J. Electron Spectr. And Related Phenomena, , 2002 , 108, 135
22) Experimetal studies and ab initio calculation on the characteristics of C state of SF2 radical , Surf. Rev. Lett.,. , 2002 , 9, 69-75
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Email: liqx@ustc.edu.cn
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