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  J. X. Lu
Department: Department of Modern Physics
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The Interdisciplinary Center for Theoretical Study, University of Science and Technology of China, Jinzai Road # 96. Hefei, Anhui 230026
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     Lu Jianxin has conducted pioneering work and research in the so-called second superstring revolution and published more than 50 papers with a total of citations for more than 2200 times (based on the U.S. High-Energy Physics Literature Database at Stanford University). One of his papers has received a total of citations for almost 600 times, making it a classic literature of reference in this field; the other four have been cited between 100 and 500 times and nine between 50 and 100 times. According to an analysis of citations over papers on branes research carried out by the American Science Information Institute (ISI) in February 2002, aiming at selecting the top 25 most cited papers and authors in the field, Lu’s paper with now almost 600 times of citations ranked 12th and in the category of average number of citations per paper, he ranked 7th. (see: http://www.esi-topics.com/brane/index.html). Professor Lu has also been selected into the “Program for Introducing Foreign Outstanding Talent” of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 2002, the list of recipients of the National Outstanding Youth Foundation in 2005, the list of specially appointed professors under the “Cheung Kong Scholars Program” by the Ministry of Education in 2004, and the first batch of recipients of the “National New Century Excellent Talents Program”.
     Superstring theory has been the leading candidate for a successful theory that unites quantum theory with Einstein’s general relativity. Its development helps to deepen our understanding of matter and their interactions. It also has profound impacts on many other fields of research such as particle physics, cosmology, condensed matter physics and some branches of mathematics. In addition, the beautiful structure of and a number of achievements that string / M-theory has made such as micro explanation on black hole entropy prove its important role in exploring the unified theory of quantum mechanics and general relativity, though its final formulation may be quite different from what we currently perceive. 
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TEL: +86-551-63600279, E-mail: tianlin@ustc.edu.cn