Faculty Profile
  XIANG Chengbin
Department: School of Life Sciences
Mailing Address:
School of Life Sciences,University of Science and Technology of China, 443 Huangshan Rd, Hefei, Anhui, PR China
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Research Profile

    Xiang Chengbin, professor and Ph.D. supervisor. In 2002 he was selected as a distinguished professor of “Changjiang Scholar Program” of Ministry of Education of China, and automatically selected into CAS Hundred Talents Program.
In August 1982, he graduated from Department of Horticulture, Southwest Agriculture University and obtained bachelor's degree;
In March 1987 he graduated from Department of Botany and Plant Sciences, University of California, Riverside and obtained master's degree;
In October 1992, he obtained his doctoral degree from Department of Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Idaho;
From July 1999 to August 2001, he did postdoctoral research at Department of Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Idaho, Agricultural Biotechnology Center of Rutgers University, and Department of Botany of Iowa State University;
He served as assistant scientist in Department of Botany, Iowa State University;
From August 2001 to July 2002, he served as assistant professor in Department of Botany, Iowa State University;
From January 2003, he has served as a professor and PhD. Supervisor of School of Life Sciences of USTC;
He has published research papers in Plant Cell, Plant Journal, Plant Physiology and other professional journals, applied more than 10 patents and 9 patents have been granted.

Main Research Interests:
Plant stress biology (genetic basis and molecular mechanism of drought resistance, salt tolerance and low sulfur nutrition tolerance); 
Natural antioxidants glutathione - biological functions and control mechanisms of biosynthesis in plants; 
Stress Tolerance gene-mining and application to crops;
Currently he is focusing on the study of the molecular mechanisms of plant stress tolerance; stress tolerance gene-mining and application to crops; and molecular sulfur nutrition in higher plants.

Main Current Research Projects:
Projects for “Knowledge Innovation Program” of CAS, Regular Projects and Key Projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China(NNSFC), Key Special Subjects for Transgenic crops, etc.
Selected Publications
1) Arabidopsis ERF1 mediates cross-talk between ethylene and auxin biosynthesis during primary root elongation by regulating ASA1 expression , PLoS Genetics , 2016-1 , 2016.1
2) Arabidopsis EDT1/HDG11 improves drought and salt tolerance in cotton and poplar and increases cotton yield in the field , Plant Biotechnology Journal , , 2016.1
3) Activated expression of AtEDT1/HDG11 promotes lateral root formation in Arabidopsis mutant edt1 by upregulating jasmonate biosynthesis. , J Integr Plant Biol. , , 57:1017–1030.
4) Arabidopsis ERF109 mediates crosstalk between jasmonic acid and auxin biosynthesis during lateral root formation. , Nature Communications , 2014 , 5:5833 doi: 10.1038/ncomms6833
5) MADS-Box Transcription Factor AGL21 Regulates Lateral Root Development and Responds to Multiple External and Physiological Signals. , Mol Plant , 2014 , 7 (11): 1653-1669.
6) Arabidopsis Enhanced Drought Tolerance1/HOMEODOMAIN GLABROUS11 Confers Drought Tolerance in Transgenic Rice without Yield Penalty. , Plant Physiol , 2013 , 162:1378-1391
7) HDG11 upregulates cell-wall-loosening protein genes to promote root elongation in Arabidopsis. , J Exp Bot. , 2014 , 65 (15): 4285-4295.
8) Sulfate availability affects ABA levels and germination response to ABA and salt stress in Arabidopsis thaliana. , Plant J , 2014 , 77:604-615.
9) SULTR3;1 is a chloroplast-localized sulfate transporter in Arabidopsis thaliana. , Plant Journal , 2013 , 73:607-616.
10) Sulfur nutrient availability regulates root elongation by affecting root IAA levels and the stem cell niche. , J Integr Plant Biol. 56: 1151–1163. , 2014 , 56: 1151–1163.
11)  L-Cysteine inhibits root elongation through auxin/PLETHORA and SCR/SHR pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana. , J Integr Plant Biol. , 2015 , 57:186–197.
12) Functional gene-mining for salt-tolerance genes with the power of Arabidopsis , The Plant Journal 56:653–664 , 2008 ,
13) Activated Expression of an Arabidopsis HD-START Protein Confers Drought Tolerance with Improved Root System and Reduced Stomatal Density , The Plant Cell 20:1134-1151 , 2008 ,
14) The genetic locus At1g73660 encodes a putative MAPKKK and negatively regulates salt tolerance in Arabidopsis , Plant Mol Biol 67:125–134 , 2008 ,
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16) Characterization of the extracellular gamma-glutamyl transpeptidases, GGT1 and GGT2, in Arabidopsis , Plant Journal. 49:865-877 , 2007 , 2007年第1期
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22) Plant Sulfur Metabolism, Regulation, and Biological Functions. , Chinese Bulletin of Botany 2007, 24 (6): 735-761, , 2007 , 2007年第6期
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