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  LIU Shiyong
Department: Department of Polymer Science and Engineering
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Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China, 96 Jinzhai Rd, Hefei, Anhui, 230026, PR China
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Research Profile

Liu Shiyong,  B.S.(1993) Environmental Chemistry, Wuhan University;  M.S.(1996) Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Wuhan University; Ph.D. (2000) Polymer Science, Fudan University; Jan.1999-Jun.1999, Research Assistant, Department of Chemical Engineering, Hongkong University of Science and Technology; May 2000‐May 2002, Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Life Sciences, University of Sussex, England; Jun.2002-Nov.2003, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware; 
Nov.2003‐Dec.2003, Visiting Scholar, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley; 
Dec.2003‐present , Professor, PhD. supervisor, Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, USTC; Oct.2004 – present, Executive director of Dept. of Polymer Science and Engineering, research fellow of Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Science at Mircoscale, USTC; 2010-present, director of Key Laboratory of Soft Matter, CAS; member of the 9th standing committee of Anhui Youth Federation, member of the 4th Chinese Association of Young Scientists And Technologists, member of the 7th Applied Chemistry Discipline Committee and Polymer Discipline Committee of Chinese Chemical Society, visiting fellow of Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of CAS, member of the 6th council of Youth Committee of Chinese Materials Research Society. 
He has published 146 SCI papers, among which 115 papers were written by him as the first or corresponding author; published 121 papers on international journals with impact factor greater than 3.0: Phys. Rev. Lett., J. Am. Chem. Soc., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Ana. Chem., Soft Matter, Macromolecules, J. Phys. Chem. B, Langmuir, Biomacromolecules and Chem. Mater, among which 101 papers were written by him as the first or corresponding author; has been invited for a speech by international and national academic conferences for over 30 time, including 2010 Gordon Research Conferenc,IUPAC Macro2010 and EAPC-5, etc.;wrote 6 chapters of monographs in Chinese and English. His research has obtained attention from experts home and abroad, his SCI papers has been cited over 2700 times, among which those SCI papers written by him as first or corresponding author has been cited for over 2200 times, and 5 papers has been selected as Highly Cited Papers of  Essential Science Indicators (As of Jan. 2011, ISI Web of Knowledge). He was selected into CAS Hundred Talents Program in 2003 and got preferential support in 2004;won National Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholar in 2004; academic leader of the innovatoin team “Macromolecular Colloidal and Solution” of Ministry of Education in 2005; state-level candidate for New Century Talents Project in 2007; special allowance by State Council in 2008; distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholar Program by Ministry of Education, Outstanding Achievement Award for Young Scientists by Alumni Foundatio, Outstanding Supervisor Award by CAS, Young Chemists Award from Chinese Chemistry Society-Royal Society of Chemistry, 2009;Outstanding Graduate Supervisor Award by CAS in 2010;member of the 12th and 13th panel judges of Polymer discipline, division of engineering and materials, National Natural Science Funds; member, 2009.6–present, Editorial Board of Polymers (Open Access Journal of MDPI), and Applied Chemistry; 
member, Jan.2008‐Dec.2010, Editorial Advisory Board of Macromolecules (ACS journal) 
Selected Publications
1) 详细情况见网址:http://staff.ustc.edu.cn/~sliu , , ,
2) A Schizophrenic Water-Soluble Diblock Copolymer , Angewandte Chemie Int.Ed. , 2001 , 40,2328-2331
3) The Facile One-Pot Synthesis of Shell Cross-linked Micelles at High Solids , J.Am.Chem.Soc , 2001 , 123,9910-9911
4) Polymeric Surfactants for the New Millennium:A pH-Responsive,Zwitterionic,Schizophrenic Diblock , Angewandte Chemie Int.Ed , 2002 , 41,1413-1416
5) Synthesis of Shell Cross-Linked Micelles with pH-Responsive Cores Using ABC Triblock Copolymers , Macromolecules , 2002 , 35,6121-6131
6) Synthesis of pH-responsive shell cross-linked micelles and their use as nanoreactors for the preparation of gold nanoparticles , Langmuir , 2002 , 18, 8350-8357
7) Synthesis of pH-responsive shell cross-linked micelles and their use as nanoreactors for the preparation of gold nanoparticles , Langmuir , 2002 , 18, 8350-8357
8) Structural Fixation of Spontaneous Vesicles in Aqueous Mixtures of Polymerizable Anionic and Cationic Surfactants , Langmuir , 2003 , 19, 10732-10738
9) Synthesis and aqueous solution behavior of a pH-responsive schizophrenic diblock copolymer , Langmuir , 2003 , 19, 4432-4438
10) Combined X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and time-of-flight secondary ion MS surface quantitative analysis of polymer blends wi , Ana. Chem. 76, 5165-5171 ACS出版社 , 2004 , 76, 5165-5171
11) Polymerization of Worm-like Micelles Induced by Hydrotropic Salt , Macromolecules , 2005 , Macromolecules ASAP Article
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