Faculty Profile
  ZHENG Jinjin
Department: Department of Precision Machinery & Instrumentation
Mailing Address:
Department of Precision Machinery & Instrumentation, University of Science and Technology of China, 443 Huangshan Rd, Hefei, Anhui, PR China
Postal Code:
0551 63607212

Research Profile

    Zhen Jinjin, CAS Hundred Talents Program endowed professor, Ph.D. supervisor, dean of Dept. of Precision Machinery and Precision Instruments, USTC; obtained bachelor’s degree in Dept. of Mathematics in Fudan University in 1983, master’s degree in Computer Aided Design in USTC in 1988, and doctoral degree in Dept. of Mechanical and Manufacturing in University of Birmingham in 1998 and did postdoctoral research there on computer-aided design and modeling. He was appointed as associate professor in Computer Aided Design by USTC in 1999. Since 2000 he has been a research fellow in University of Bournemouth, doing research on computer simulation of mechanical modeling. He was selected into CAS Hundred Talents Program in Dec.2003 and gained preferential support of 2 million Yuan.
Academic award and experience: 
1999, CAS KC Wong Excellent Postdoctoral Work Award; 2001, excellent (5 points) by the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise; 2005, Zhang Zongzhi Excellent Teachers Award; reviewer for Computer Aided Geometric Design, JICS and Journal of Materials Processing Technology; 2008, evaluation expert for National Science and Technology Award.
Selected Publications
1) 非平均化自适应Catmull-Clark细分算法 , 计算机应用与软件 , 2010 , 2010第一期
2) 基于DILL模型的SU8厚胶曝光仿真 , 光学工程 , 2010年 , 2010第2期
3) A Method of 3D Reconstruction from Image Sequence , CISP 09 , 2009 ,
4) Structural Analysis about a New Solar Sail , 空间科学学报 , 2009 , 2009第二期
5) Magnetic Field Analysis of a new 3-axis Optical Pickup Actuator Based on ANSYS , ICNC09 , 2009 ,
6) A Novel Adaptive Algorithm of Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces , FSKD09 , 2009 , 2009
7) Method to Interpolate Scattered Rainfall Data Using the Thin Plate Spline B-Spline and Energy Fairing , FSKD , 2009 , 2009
8) Medical Image Processing by Denoising and Contour Extraction , ICIA2008 , 2008 ,
9) 3D B-Spline Surface Reconstruction Based on the Contour Information , ICIA 2008 , 2008 ,
10) Correction of pattern transfer errors for SU-8 UV deep lithography , Optics and Precision Engineering , 2007年 , V15,No12
11) Pattern transfer error correction of certain layer in SU-8 deep UV lithography , IEEE International Conference on Information Acqui , 2007年 ,
12) Point-by-point generation algorithm for B-spline curves in two-photon fabrication , the 3rd International Conference on Natural Comput , 2007年 ,
13) A Generalized Dill Exposure Model for Negative Thick Photoresist , IEEE International Conference on Information Acqui , 2007年 ,
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