Faculty Profile
  YANG Lizhong
Department: State Key Laboratory of Fire Science
Mailing Address:
State Key Laboratory of Fire Science, University of Science and Technology of China, 443 Huangshan Rd, Hefei, Anhui, PR China
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Research Profile

Yang Lizhong, director of Building Fire Laboratory, member of Laboratory Affairs Committee, deputy director of academic committee of Chongqing Key Laboratory of Fire and Detonation Prevention, member of council of China Society of Engineering Thermophysics, member of Commission on Combustion of China Society of Engineering Thermophysics, member of Technical Committee of Building Fire Safety Engineering of National Technical Committee on Fire Prevention Standardization, member of expert group of theoretical research of “Forum on Fire Prevention Reformation and Development”, member of editorial board of Journal of Engineering Thermophysics and Journal of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering. He was once a member of editorial board of international journal Trends in Applied Sciences Research and member of research group on strategy in development of engineering thermophysics and energy use, division of engineering and materials science, National Natural Science Foundation. He was the winner of “Advanced Individual in 973 Project” (Ministry of Science and Technology) and “New Century Excellent Talents Program” (Ministry of Education), and was selected into USTC “Training Plan for Reserved candidates of National Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young.” He did cooperative research in University of Tokyo in 1998 and in National Fire Institute of Japan in 2002.
Selected Publications
1) Experimental study on polystyrene with intumescent flame retardants from different scale experiments , Fire and Materials , , 2014年第3期
2) Influences of low atmospheric pressure on downward flame spread over thick PMMA slabs at different altitudes , International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer , , 2013年第2期
3) Piloted ignition and extinction for solid fuels , Proceedings of the Combustion Institute , , 2013年第一期
4) Piloted ignition of solid fuels at low ambient pressure and varying igniter location , Proceedings of the Combustion Institute , , 2013年第一期
5)  Experimental and numerical study of the effect of sample orientation on the pyrolysis and ignition of wood slabs exposed to radiation , Journal of Fire Sciences , , 2012年第三期
6) Observation study of pedestrian flow on staircases with different dimensions under normal and emergency conditions , Safety Science , , 2012年第5期
7) The Inclination effect on CO generation and smoke movement in an inclined tunnel fire , Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology , , 2012年第5期
8) Experimental study on the effect of the igniter position on piloted ignition of polymethylmethacrylate , Journal of Fire Sciences , , 2012年第6期
9) Autoignition of solid combustibles subjected to a uniform incident heat flux: the effect of distance from the radiation source , Combustion and Flam , , 2011年第2期
10) Radiation attenuation characteristics of pyrolysis volatiles of solid fuels and their effect for radiant ignition model , Combustion and Flame , 2010 , 2010第一期
11) An Experimental and Modeling Study of Atmospheric Pressure Effects on Ignition of Pine Wood at Different Altitudes , Energy and Fuels , 2010 , 2010年第2期
12) Experiment study of the altitude effects on spontaneous ignition characteristics of wood , Fuel , 2010 , 2010年第2期
13) Information-based evacuation experiment and its cellular automaton simulation , International Journal of Modern Physics C , 2009 , 2009年第10期
14) Time series study of the impact of serious fires on fire occurrence statistics in cities of Jiangsu , Fire Safety Journal , 2009 , 2009年第七期
15) Evacuation from a classroom considering the occupant density around exits , Physica A , 2009 , 2009年第9期
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