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  YU Nenghai
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering & Information Science
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Research Profile

    Yu Nenghai, born in 1964,is a  professor, Ph.D. supervisor,the director of Information Processing Center of USTC,deputy director of academic committee of School of Information Science and Technology,director of multimedia and communication lab,deputy director of Ministry of Education-Microsoft Key Laboratory of Multimedia Computing and Communications(2004-2010),the standing member of council of Image and Graphics Society of China,a member of Expert Committee of Cloud Computing of Chinese Institute of Electronics, member of Expert Committee of IP Applications and Value-added Telecommunications Technology of Chinese Institute of Communications,and a member of Expert Committee of Multimedia Safety of Division of Communications of Chinese Institute of Electronics. He was a visiting scholar in Institute of Production Technology, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo, in 1999 and did cooperative research as the senior visiting scholar in Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, from Apr. to Oct. 2008.
    In recent years he has been teaching and doing research in image processing and video analysis, multimedia communication, media content security, Internet information retrieval, data mining and content filtering , network communication and security. He has once presided his team to participate the formulation of Chinese audio and video coding standard (AVS) actively, which is served as one of main solution providers of AVS P7.
    In the past few years he has presided or taken part in as key member over 20 national projects including National Natural Science Foundation, National 863 Project, National Scientific and Technological Critical Project, Pre-research project of National Defense, CAS(Chinese Academy Of Sciences) Knowledge Innovation Project. He has authored or co-authored more than 100 papers in top conferences and journals such as IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, ACM SIGIR, NIPS, CVPR, ACM Multimedia, Information Hiding Conference. One of his papers was awarded the Best Paper Candidate in ACM Multimedia 2008. He won CAS Excellent Supervisor Award in 2010 for his extraordinary contribution in supervising graduates (One of his Ph.D. student was awarded CAS Special Director Prize).Besides, in 2004 he was honored as “863 Advanced Individual” for presiding over a national 863 project, and the research group was honored as “863 Advanced Group.”He also won Science and Technology Progress Award of ministerial level 6 times(First Prize once,Second Prize three times, Third Prize twice),and first Prize of Ministry of Education Teaching Award, Second Prize of CAS Teaching Award. 
    He is currently presiding over one project of National Science and Technology Major Project, two projects of National 863 Project, one project of CAS Knowledge Innovation Project, one project of Doctoral Program Fund by Ministry of Education ,one project supported by “Quality Engineering” of Ministry of Education and one project of National Natural Science Foundation.His team has fruitful cooperation with Microsoft Research Asia, Columbia University, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore and Chinese University of Hong Kong in the area of talents training.
Selected Publications
1) A Privacy-Preserving Remote Data Integrity Checking Protocol with Data Dynamics and Public Verifiability , IEEE Trans.on Knowledge and Data Engineering(TKDE) , 201103 ,
2) Learning Bregman Distance Functions for Semi-Supervised Clustering , IEEE Trans.on Knowledge and Data Engineering(TKDE) , 2010 ,
3) Semantics-Preserving Bag-of-Words Models and Applications , IEEE Transactions on Image Processing(TIP) , 2010 ,
4) Generalization and Analysis of the Paper Folding Method for Steganography , IEEE Trans.on Information Forensics and Security , 2010 ,
5) Scale Invariant Visual Language Modeling for Object Categorization , IEEE Transactions on Multimedia(TMM) , 2008 ,
6) Latent Topic Visual Language Model for Object Categorization , SIGMAP'2011 , 2011 ,
7) Multiple-Instance Ranking: Learning to Rank Images for Image Retrieval , CVPR 2008 , 2008 ,
8) Capacity-Approaching Codes for Reversible Data Hiding , 13th Information Hiding Conference(IH'2011) , 2011 ,
9) BioSnowball: automated population of Wikis , 16th ACM SIGKDD(KDD'2010) , 2010 ,
10) Learning Bregman Distance Functions and Its Application for Semi-Supervised Clustering , NIPS’09 , 2009 ,
11) Flickr Distance , ACM Multimedia(MM’08 Best Paper Candidate) , 2008 ,
12) Learning to Tag , 18th Intl. Conference on World Wide Web (WWW’09) , 2009 ,
13) iLike: itegrating visual and textual features for vertical search , ACM Multimeida (MM’10) , 2010 ,
14) Photo2Trip: An Interactive Trip Planning System Based on Geo-Tagged Photos , ACM Multimedia (MM’10) , 2010 ,
15) Distance metric learning from uncertain side information for automated photo tagging , ACM TIST 2(2) , 2011 ,
16) Distance Metric Learning from Uncertain Side Information with Application to Automated Photo Tagging , ACM International Conference on Multimedia (MM’09) , 2009 ,
17) A Comprehensive Human Computation Framework-with Application to Image Labeling , ACM Multimedia (MM’08) , 2008 ,
18) Multi-Progressive Model for Web Image Annotation , ACM Multimedia (MM’08) , 2008 ,
19) Bipartite Graph Reinforcement Model for Web Image Annotation , ACM Multimedia (MM’07) , 2007 ,
20) A Robust Part-based Tracker , IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo , 2010 ,
21) Tagrank - Measuring tag importance for image annotation , IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo , 2008 ,
22) SocialRank: A Ranking Model For Web Image Retrieval In Web 2.0 , IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo , 2008 ,
23) Efficient near-duplicate image detection by learning from examples , IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo , 2008 ,
24) Semantics-Preserving Bag-of-Words Models for Efficient Image Annotation , LS-MMRM’09 , 2009 ,
25) On Cross Language Image Annotation , IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo , 2009 ,
26) Query Oriented Subspace Shifting for Near-duplicate Image Detection , IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo , 2008 ,
27) Image Search Result Clustering and Re- Ranking via Partial Grouping , ICME 2008 , 2008 ,
28) Volume Graph Model For 3D Facial Surface Extraction , IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo , 2007 ,
29) On Detection of Advertising Images , IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo , 2007 ,
30) Image Annotation in a Progressive Way , IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo , 2007 ,
31) Image Search Result Clustering and Re-Ranking via Partial Grouping , IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo , 2007 ,
32) A Search-Based Web Image Annotation Method , IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo , 2007 ,
Recruitment information
1.Development strategy
     Focus on student education, always aim at international technology developing frontiers, always centre on important national technology developing demands, always concern about the majority of teachers and students' benefits. 

2.Scientific research requiremnets
     "Hardware" facilities: spacious laboratory environment, sufficient experimental facilities(PCs, servers, printers etc.).  
     "Software" conditions: excellent research team, deep cooperative foundation with well-known research organizations of university both at home and abroad, well learning and exchange platform for students.

3.Enrollment requirements  
     Excellent students(good in study, expression, labour, art and attitude): solid basis in math, good expressing and practical ability, good at english and teamwork. 

     Allowance provided according to national and university policy and extra laboratory research grants due to students' research situations.