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  HAN Liang
Department: Department of Modern Physics
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Department of Modern Physics, University of Science and Technology of China, 96 Jinzhai Rd, Hefei, Anhui, PR China
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Research Profile

Primary research interests are TeV high energy collider physics, including:
1) Phenomenology study on probing new physics in Collider Physics; 
2) Experiment research on precise determination of Standard Model(SM) W/Z 
and electro-week physics constant, and probing Supersymmetry(SUSY) signal 
at TeV hadron collider, namely Dzero Experiment at the Tevatron and ATLAS 
Experiment at the LHC. 

1997, Graduated and was granted Ph.D in Phenomenology High Energy Physics,USTC.
Thesis "Probing Physics beyond the Standard Model on the next-generation 
photon-photon collider".

1997 to 2000, studied phenomenology of probing new particles and heavy flavor
strong CP violation in photon-photon collision at LC, was co-author of 
“Photon Collider at TESLA”, which was considered as milestone of supporting 
photon collision mode on next-generation LC and was documented into TESLA TDR. 

2000 to 2003, joined D0 Experiment at Tevatron, Fermilab, as research scientist
of Manchester University. Took responsibility for D0 Level-1 Central Track
Trigger (L1CTT) Run2b upgrade algorithm design. The whole project of L1CTT
upgrade design passed DOE Lehman Review.

2004, was granted as "Hundred Personnel Programme" Scholarship of China Academy
of Science (CAS), which aimed at supporting talent young scientists to make 
leading role in their field in China. Established a theoretical-phenomenological 
joint group in USTC, working on Tevatron D0 experiment. Research interests are
search new physics signal, precise test of Standard Model electroweak mechanics 
at collider physics. 

2007 to 2011, member of D0 Authorship Committee.

2011, obtained “Outstanding Young Scientist” Scholarship, Chinese National Science Foundation.

Teaching experience spans over general physics to senior level quantum 
mechanics, quantum field theory, high energy collider physics etc. 
Supervise Doctoral and Master’s graduated students.

Experience as
2011.01,“Outstanding Young Scientist” Scholarship, Chinese National Science Foundation
2008.07, Excellence of “Hundred Talents Programme” Scholarship, reviewed by CAS Senior Panel
2007.09, Member of the Dzero Authorship Committee
2005.06, Doctorial Supervisor, USTC
2004.06,“Hundred Talents Programme” Scholarship, Chinese Academy of Sciencer (CAS)
2004.04, Professor of Physics, Modern Physics Department, USTC
2000.11-2003.11, Research Scientist, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester, Manchester M13 9PL, UK
2000.01-2000.11, Associate Professor of Physics, Modern Physics Department, USTC 
1997.09-2000.01, University Lecturer, Modern Physics Department, USTC
Selected Publications
1) "Probe Physics Beyond the SM at Photon Collider" , Nucl. Instrum. Meth , 2001 , A472(2001)233
2) "TESLA: The Superconducting Electron Positron Linear Collider with an Integrated X-Ray Laser Laboratory. Technical Design Report. Part 6. Appendices. Chapter 1: Photon Collider at TESLA" , International Journal of Modern Physics A , 2004 , Vol.19, No.30(2004)5097-5186
3) "The Run IIB Trigger upgrade for the D0 Experiment" , IEEE Trans.Nucl.Sci , 2004 , 51:340-344
4) "Probing lepton flavor violation signal induced by R-violating MSSM at a Linear Collider" , JHEP , 2004 , 0409:043
5) Probing R-parity violating interactions via ppbar-->e+muon+X channel on Tevatron , Commun.Theor.Phys , 2005 , 44 (2005) pp107-116
6) "QCD corrections to the R-parity violating processes ppbar/pp-->e+muon+X at hadron colliders" , Phys.Rev.D , 2006 , D74(2006)057902
7) "Revisiting the QCD corrections to the R-partity violating processes ppbar/pp-->e+muon+X" , Chinese Phys. Lett. , 2008 , Vol.25, No.1(2008)58
8) Search for sneutrino particles in the e+mu final states in ppbar collisions at sqrts=1.96TeV , Phys. Rev. Lett. , 2008 , 100,241803
9) Measurement of the Forward-Backward Charge Asymmetry and Extraction of sin2ThetaWeff in ppbar-->Z/gamma*+X-->e+e-+X Events Produced at sqrts=1.96TeV , Phys. Rev. Lett. , 2008 , 101,191801
10) Search for Resonant Diphoton Production with the D0 Detector , Phys. Rev. Lett. , 2009 , 102, 231801
11) Probe R-Parity Violating Supersymmetry in Forward–Backward Asymmetry , CHIN. PHYS. LETT , 2010 , Vol. 27, No. 3 (2010) 031301
12) Measurement of Direct Photon Pair Production Cross Sections in pp Collisions at √s =1.96TeV , Phys. Lett. , 2010 , B 690, 108(2010)
13) Search for sneutrino production in e+mu final states in 5.3 fb-1 of ppbar collisions at sqrt(s)=1.96 TeV , Phys. Rev. Lett. , 2010 , 105, 191802 (2010)
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TEL: +86-551-63600279, E-mail: tianlin@ustc.edu.cn