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  YIN Baoqun
Department: Department of Automation
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Department of Automation, University of Science and Technology of China, 443 Huangshan Rd, Hefei, Anhui, PR China
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Research Profile

    Yin Baoqun, born in Feb.1962 in Quanjiao, Anhui, graduated from Dept. of Mathematics of Sichuan University and obtained bachelor’s degree in Fundamental Mathematics in July 1985; obtained master’s degree in Applied Mathematics in Dept. of Mathematics of USTC in May 1993, and doctoral degree in Pattern Recognition and Intelligence System in Dept. of Automation of USTC in Dec. 1998. He is currently teaching in Dept. of Automation of USTC. He was a visiting scholar in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology from Apr.2004 to Dec.2004. He was the winner of the 6th He Pan Qingyi Excellent Dissertation Award. He has published over 100 academic papers on major academic journals and conferences at home and abroad, including 10 SCI papers and 30 EI papers, and one academic monograph.
Selected Publications
1) Performance Optimization of Semi-Markov Decision Processes with Discounted-Cost Criteria , European Journal of Control , 2008 , 2008年第三期
2) Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes and Performance Sensitivity Analysis , IEEE Trans. System, Man and cybernetics-Part B. , 2008 , 2008年第六期
3) Sensitivity analysis and estimates of the performance for M/G/1 queueing systems , Performance Evaluation , 2007 , 2007年第四期
4) Error bounds of optimization algorithms for semi-Markov decision processes , International Journal of Systems Science , 2007 , 2007年第九期
5) Power-law strength-degree correlation from resource-allocation dynamics on weighted networks , Physical Review E , 2007 , 2007年第二期
6) Performance optimization algorithms based on potential for semi-Markov control processes , International Journal of Control , 2005 , 2005年第十一期
7) The optimal robust control policy for uncertain semi-Markov control processes , International Journal of Systems Science , 2005 , 2005年第十三期
8) Performance optimization of continuous-time Markov control processes based on performance potentials , International Journal of Systems Science , 2003 , 2003年第一期
9) A state aggregation approach to singularly perturbed Markov reward processes , International Journal of Intelligent Technology1 , 2006 , 2006年第四期
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