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  WANG Jian
Department: State Key Laboratory of Fire Science
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State Key Laboratory of Fire Science, University of Science and Technology of China, 443 Huangshan Rd, Hefei, Anhui, PR China
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Research Profile

    Dr. Wang Jian, senior engineer (at professor level), Ph.D. supervisor, obtained doctoral degree in USTC in 2000. After he obtained Master’s degree in the Dept. of Engineering Thermalphysics of USTC in 1990, he began to teach and research in the field of turbulent flow and combustion models and calculation. He is currently the deputy director of Laboratory of Computer Modeling and Simulation, State Key Laboratory of Fire Science. He did postdoctoral research on computer imitation of fire process in Institute of High Performance Computing of National University of Singapore. His main research fields are basic formula for computer simulation of fire and combustion process, theoretical models, numerical methods, visualization techniques and applications in scientific research and engineering. He has presided over the project “Characteristics of Fire in Large Space Public Building”, a special subject of the National Ninth Five-year Science and Technology Project, “Smoke Control of Large-scale Public Building and Optimization”, a special subject of the National Tenth Five-year Science and Technology Project, “Performance-based Fire Protection Design and Application for Atrium-style Building ”, sub-topics of computer simulation research, and “Research on Shear Flow Movement of Building Fire Smoke”, project of National Natural Science Foundation. He has won the Second and Third Prize for CAS Natural Science Award, the Second Prize for Anhui Science and Technology Award and Innovation Talents Award on the 2nd Exchange Conference of Entrepreneurship by Returned Overseas Chinese organized by Overseas Chinese Union. He is currently taking charge of the project “Fire Safety Technology for Plateau Ancient Building represented by Potala Palace”, subject of National Eleventh Five-year Supportive Program for Science and Technology.
Selected Publications
1)  Numerical Prediction of Effects of Gravity on the Centerline Temperature and Velocity of Axis-symmetric Fire Plumes , Journal of Fire Science , 2007 , Vol. 25
2) Evaluation of CFD Modelling Methods for Fire Induced Airflow in a Room , Journal of Fire Sciences , 2006 , Vol. 24
3) Development of a hybrid field and zone model for fire smoke … , Fire Safety Journal , 2005 , 2005
4) Smoke venting and fire safety in an industrial warehouse , Fire Safety J , 2002 , 2002
5) 区域模拟方法在性能化防火设计工程中的适用性 , 中科大学报 , 2006 , 2006
6) 建筑防火性能化设计中火灾场景的设定 , 消防科技 , 2005 , 2005
7) 建筑火灾场模拟计算中的网格独立性 , 消防科技 , 2005 , 2005
8) 火灾模拟计算软件的不同版本的计算结果差异问题 , 消防科技 , 2005 , 2005
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