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  WU Yican
Department: Insititute of Nuclear Energy Safety technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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350 Shushanhu Road Hefei 230031, Anhui, P. R. China
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Research Profile

Yican Wu, male, born in 1964, Ph.D, professor, head of Reactor Technology, Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, guest professor of University of Science and Technology of China, University of Sciences and Technology Beijing, Hefei University of Technology,University of Anhui, executive member of Chinese Nuclear Physics Society, chairman of Reactor Physics & Nuclear Materials Committee, vicechairman of Hefei Nuclear Society,member of editorial boards of Plasma Physics & Technology and Chinese J. Nuclear Science Engineering, member of the ITER(International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) Test Blanket Working Group and Safety & Licensing Working Group. Main interests are nuclear engineering,medical physics and computer digital simulation etc.Graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University, he ever worked in Xi’an Jiaotong Univ., Karlsruhe Research Center of Germany, National Institute of Fusion Sciences of Japan, Nuclear Research Center of Belgium. As the head and coordinators of projects, he worked on a series of (more than 20) projects from the Ministry of Sciences and Technology(MOST), Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), Natural Science Foundation and the International Atomic Energy Agency etc. He ever won a series of academic awards from the MOST, the Ministry of Education of China, Anhui Province and the honor of “Ten Young Talents in Anhui Province”. More than 200 academic papers of his have been published. He has wide academic cooperation with institutes and universities and wellknown in his fields both home and abroad. Up to now, he has supervised more than 40 students for Ph.D and more than 10 students for M.S, some of whom have become professors and won a lot of reputations inside and outside China. 
Selected Publications
1) Public accept of constructing coastal/inland nuclear power plants in post-Fukushima China , ENERGY POLICY , 2017 ,
2) 基于团队协同的三位矩阵科研创新管理模式的探索与思考 , 中国科学院院刊 , 2017 ,
3) Review and Discussion on Nuclear Safety Research of Innovative Nuclear Energy System , 中国科学院院刊 , 2016 ,
4) Development strategy and conceptual design of China Lead-based Research Reactor , Annals of Nuclear Energy , 2016 ,
5) Development of high intensity D–T fusion neutron generator HINEG , International Journal of Energy Research , 2016 ,
6) Development of reliability and probabilistic safety assessment program RiskA , Annals of Nuclear Energy , 2015 ,
7) CAD-based Monte Carlo program for integrated simulation of nuclear system SuperMC , Annals of Nuclear Energy , 2015 ,
8) Preliminary conceptual design of a lead-bismuth cooled small reactor (CLEAR-SR) , International Journal of hydrogen energy , ,
9) Overview of liquid lithium lead breeder blanket program in China , Fusion Engineering and Design , 2011 , 86:9-11
10) Fusion-based Hydrogen Production Reactor and Its Material Selection , Journal of Nuclear Materials , 2009 , 386-388:122-126
11) CAD-based Interface Programs for Fusion Neutron Transport Simulation , Fusion Engineering and Design , 2009 , 84:1987-1992
12) Development of Accurate/Advanced Radiotherapy Treatment Planning and Quality Assurance System (ARTS) , Chinese Physics C (HEP & NP) , 2008 , 32;177-182
13) Conceptual Design of the China Fusion Power Plant FDS-II , Fusion Engineering and Design , 2008 , 83(10-12):1683-1689
14)  Conceptual Design and Testing Strategy of a Dual Functional Lithium-lead Test Blanket Module in ITER and EAST , Nuclear Fusion , 2007 , 47:1533-1539
15) Design Analysis of the China Dual-functional Lithium Lead (DFLL) Test Blanket Module in ITER , Fusion Engineering and Design , 2007 , 82(15-24):1893-1903
16) Design Status and Development Strategy of China Liquid Lithium-lead Blankets and Related Material Technology , Journal of Nuclear Materials , 2007 , 367-370:1410-1415
17) Conceptual Design of the Fusion-Driven Subcritical System FDS-I , Fusion Engineering and Design , 2006 , 81:1305-1311
18) Conceptual design activities of FDS series fusion power plants in China , Fusion Engineerig and Design , 2006 , 81:2713-2718
Recruitment information
Key Research Topics include:
- Conceptual Design of Advanced Reactors (Fusion/Fission/ADS etc.)  
- Fusion Reactor Blanket Technology Development (Liquid Blanket etc.) 
- Low Activation Reactor Material Development (CLAM steel etc.) 
- Fusion/Fission/Hybrid Neutronics (Theory/Modeling/Codes etc.) 
- Accurate/Advanced Radiotherapy Physics and Technology 
- Reliability and Safety of Complex System 
- ……
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TEL: +86-551-63600279, E-mail: tianlin@ustc.edu.cn