Faculty Profile
  WANG Xiaofang
Department: Department of Modern Physics
Mailing Address:
96 Jinzhai Road, Hefei, Anhui 230026, China
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Research Profile

      under construction ......
Selected Publications
1) A numerical study on charged-particle scattering and radiography of a steep density gradient , Phys. Plasmas , 2016 , 23
2) Influence of an external axial magnetic field on betatron radiation from the interaction of a circularly polarized laser with plasma , Phys. Plasmas , 2017 , 24
3) A phase retrieval method for X-ray microscopy based on a 𝜋∕2-biased X-ray zone-plate pair , Opt. Commun. , 2018 , 411
4) Prevention of trajectory crossings in proton radiography and the reconstruction of a sheath electric field , AIP Advances , 2018 , 8
Recruitment information
      Welcome international students to pursue MSc and PhD degrees in laser-plasma interactions and diagnostics.
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TEL: +86-551-63600279, E-mail: tianlin@ustc.edu.cn