Faculty Profile
  TIAN Changlin
Department: School of Life Science
Mailing Address:
School of Life Science, University of Science and Technology of China, 443 Huangshan Rd, Hefei, Anhui, PR China
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Research Profile

    Tian Changlin
1991-July 1995, Undergraduate (Two Bachelor’s Degrees in Engineering)
Majoring in Biochemical Engineering at Department of Biological Science and Technology, and Applied Electronic Technology at Department of Information and Control Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University;
September 1995-July 1997, Master’s Degree, Majoring in Molecular Biology at Department of Biological Science and Technology of Shanghai Jiaotong University;
August 1997-May 2003, Ph.D., Majoring in Biophysics at Institute of Molecular Biophysics of Florida State University)
May 2003-November 2006, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center of Structural Biology of Department of Biochemistry of Vanderbilt University
Selected Publications
1) Solution NMR spectrosocopy of the human vasopressin V2 receptor, a G protein-coupled receptor. , J Am Chem Soc. , 2005 , 2005 Jun.127(22):8010-80101
2) Preparation, Functional Characterization, and NMR Studies of Human KCNE1, Structrue of KCNE1 and Implications for How it Modulates the KCNQ1 Potassium Channel , Biochemistry , 2008 , 2008; 47:7999-8006
3) Solution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Structure of Membrane Integral Diacylglycerol Kinase , Science , 2009 , 324(5935): 1726-1729
4) Application of Site-Specific 19F Paramagnetic Relaxation Enhancement to Distinguish two Different Conformations of a Multi-domain Protein , J. Phy. Chem. Letters , 2012 , 3 (1) 2012: 34–37
5) Structural Studies of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rv0899 Reveal a Monomeric Membrane- Anchoring Protein with Two Separate Domains , Journal of Molecular Biology , 2012 , 485(2012):382-392
6) In situ 19F NMR studies of an E. coli Membrane Protein , Protein Science , 2012 ,
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