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  Xiang-Yang Li
Department: School of Computer Science and Technology, USTC
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Research Profile

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Selected Publications
1) PacketGame: Multi-Stream Packet Gating for Concurrent Video Inference at Scale , ACM SIGCOMM , , 2023年第一学期
2) PackquID: In-packet Liquid Identification Using RF Signals , ACM UbiComp , , 2023年第一学期
3) Online Learning-Based Co-Task Dispatching with Function Configuration in Edge Computing , PDCAT’20 , 2020年 , 2020年第二学期
4) Edge-Centric Pricing Mechanisms with Selfish Heterogeneous Users , CWSN 2020 , 2020年 , 2020年第二学期
5) TODQA: Efficient Task-Oriented Data Quality Assessment , IEEE MSN 2019 , 2019年 , 2019年第二学期
Recruitment information
I am looking for inspired PhD/MS/BS students to work on various exciting projects related to Artificial Intelligence of Things (such as wireless networking, mobile computing,  Cyber-Physical Systems, Cyber-Security), Data Intelligence, Data Sharing and Trading, Data and Networking Privacy. 

If you are interested in working on these topics at USTC, please contact me at xiangyangli@ustc.edu.cn or xiangyang.li@gmail.com