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  YANG Lizhong
Department: State Key Laboratory of Fire Science
Mailing Address:
State Key Laboratory of Fire Science, University of Science and Technology of China, 443 Huangshan Rd, Hefei, Anhui, PR China
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Research Profile

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Selected Publications
1) Experimental study on polystyrene with intumescent flame retardants from different scale experiments , Fire and Materials , , 2014年第3期
2) Influences of low atmospheric pressure on downward flame spread over thick PMMA slabs at different altitudes , International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer , , 2013年第2期
3) Piloted ignition and extinction for solid fuels , Proceedings of the Combustion Institute , , 2013年第一期
4) Piloted ignition of solid fuels at low ambient pressure and varying igniter location , Proceedings of the Combustion Institute , , 2013年第一期
5)  Experimental and numerical study of the effect of sample orientation on the pyrolysis and ignition of wood slabs exposed to radiation , Journal of Fire Sciences , , 2012年第三期
6) Observation study of pedestrian flow on staircases with different dimensions under normal and emergency conditions , Safety Science , , 2012年第5期
7) The Inclination effect on CO generation and smoke movement in an inclined tunnel fire , Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology , , 2012年第5期
8) Experimental study on the effect of the igniter position on piloted ignition of polymethylmethacrylate , Journal of Fire Sciences , , 2012年第6期
9) Autoignition of solid combustibles subjected to a uniform incident heat flux: the effect of distance from the radiation source , Combustion and Flam , , 2011年第2期
10) Radiation attenuation characteristics of pyrolysis volatiles of solid fuels and their effect for radiant ignition model , Combustion and Flame , 2010 , 2010第一期
11) An Experimental and Modeling Study of Atmospheric Pressure Effects on Ignition of Pine Wood at Different Altitudes , Energy and Fuels , 2010 , 2010年第2期
12) Experiment study of the altitude effects on spontaneous ignition characteristics of wood , Fuel , 2010 , 2010年第2期
13) Information-based evacuation experiment and its cellular automaton simulation , International Journal of Modern Physics C , 2009 , 2009年第10期
14) Time series study of the impact of serious fires on fire occurrence statistics in cities of Jiangsu , Fire Safety Journal , 2009 , 2009年第七期
15) Evacuation from a classroom considering the occupant density around exits , Physica A , 2009 , 2009年第9期
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