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  XIAO Yilin
Department: School of Earth and Space Science
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School of Earth and Space Science, University of Science and Technology of China, 96 Jinzhai Rd, Hefei, Anhui, 230026, PR China
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Research Profile

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Selected Publications
1) Ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic rocks from the Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling Project – II.Oxygen isotope and fluid inclusion distributions through vertical sections. , Contrib Mineral Petrol , 2006 , 2006
2) Making continental crust through slab melting: Constraints from niobium-tantalum fractionation in UHP metamorphic rutile , Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta , 2006 , 70:4770-4782
3) Compositionally zoned Cl-rich amphiboles from North Dabie Shan, China: Monitor of high-pressure metamorphic fluid/rock interaction processes. , Lithos (2005) , 2005 , 2005
4) Fluid History during HP and UHP Metamorphism in Dabie Shan, China: Constraints from Mineral Chemistry, Fluid Inclusions, and Stable Isotopes , J Petrol , 2002 , 2002
5) Fluid history of UHP metamorphism in Dabie Shan, China: a fluid inclusion and oxygen isotope study on the coesite-bearing eclogite from Bixiling , Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology , 200 , 139:1-16
6) Geochemical constrains of the eclogite and granulite facies metamorphism as recognized in the Raobazhai complex from North Dabie Shan, China. , J Metamorphic Geol , 2001 , 2001
Student's Papers
1) Anatomy of garnets in Jurassic granite from the south-eastern margin of the North China Craton: implications on magma tectonics - JOURNAL OF ASIAN EARTH SCIENCES - 已录用
2) Nb–Ta fractionation induced by fluid-rock interaction in subduction-zones: constraints from UHP eclogite- and vein-hosted rutile from the Dabie orogen, Central-Eastern China. - JOURNAL OF METAMORPHIC GEOLOGY - 2012,30,821-842
3) 金红石:重要的地球化学“信息库” - 岩石学报-地学环境学科 - 2011,27,398-416
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